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Kendra Kramer's Rainbow-Colored Hair Is Too Adorable for Words

She'll make you want to get multi-colored tresses, too!
Tweens can rock a cool hair color, too! If you need proof, just check out 10-year-old Kendra Kramer's adorable multi-colored hair!"This cutie pre-teen wanted to have a little makeover! She has been begging me for the longest time... I finally gave in!" Her

Rainbow Hair Was Always in Fashion

Well, would you look at hue!
Have you ever wondered whoever thought it was cute to have rainbow hair? We don’t know who either, but everybody’s on it, and I was recently convinced myself. I did a little researching on where/how/why alternative (read: non-human) hair color began to

Who Wore It Better: Kelly Or Nicole?

Who rocked lavender hair better?
Fashion designer, mom of two, and fashionista extraordinaire Nicole Richie has everyone in the beauty world buzzing about her newly dyed 'do—in lavender! On her Instagram selfie, which by the way is fabulous, Nicole's then blonde lob is seen in a totally

Breaking Bad

We spill the tricks on how to get anti-pretty, rebel hair.
We’ve been brainwashed by society and ads dictating that beautiful hair should always be perfectly smooth, straight, and shiny. But nowadays, it’s a relief seeing models and celebrities embracing messy hair because let’s face it, it does take a village to having

Rainbow Hair

Would you ever consider dyeing your hair in popping rainbow shade?
Going blonde used to be a radical way to change your look. Now more local and international celebs have been spotted sporting rainbow-colored hair. Lauren Conrad has experimented with her colors by wearing teal and pink on the tips of her golden