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10 Stylish Bags to Help You Survive the Rainy Season

Because Manila weather can get pretty crazy.
Deciding what to wear or even what bag to carry can be really tricky thanks to Manila's crazy weather. If you're looking for something to keep your things dry when it starts to pour, then you're in the right place. From totes

18 Stylish Ways to Cover Up This Rainy Season

Get wet-weather dressing inspo right here.
For us tropical girls, nothing is trickier than layering. It's almost impossible in the sizzling heat of summer, but now that rainy days have come, we're a lot freer to experiment! If you've ever been afraid of piling clothes on (the weather

10 Chic Essentials to Help You Survive the Rainy Season in Style

You won't hate those downpours as much.
Summer's pretty much out, and rainy days have come thundering in! If (unlike this sweater weather-lovin' author) you absolutely detest the muddy mess a sudden downpour can create, no need to despair in damp havoc—welcome the season with open arms in the

5 Stylish Ways to Pull Off a Raincoat

For when it begins pouring!
In our climate, there's no telling when it's going to rain. The morning could start off clear, blue, and without a cloud in sight, but in mere seconds the sky could begin spouting cats and dogs (and rabbits and hamsters, for when

3 Ways To Wear Parka

Rain or shine, we show you how to rock a parka in three different ways.
Most people dress up depending on the weather, but with our current bipolar situation—super sunny mornings and then close to thunderstorm evenings—it sucks to get stuck in the middle of the rain wearing a screaming summer-y outfit. Hence comes the season's must-have

Personal Stylist: May Showers

We put together four ensembles that you can wear rain or shine.
It’s that transitional season again when it’s still too hot to wear thick layers yet too risky to wear open-toed footwear because of sudden rainshowers. Summer is about to end and the rainy days are knocking on our doors. The weather may