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Rags2Riches Just Launched the Cutest Lounge Wear Collection

Cozy for home, yet so cute you could wear it out!
At a time when the most vulnerable sectors of Philippine society are in need of help, Rags2Riches (R2R), the social enterprise founded in 2007, has continued its mission to empower and uplift the lives of community artisans all over the country. The fashion

10 Local Social Enterprises in the Fashion Industry Worth Supporting

The Philippine fashion industry can serve as a platform to help underprivileged communities.
There’s more to fashion than the glitz and glamour. For some businesses, typically referred to as social enterprises, the local fashion industry can serve as a platform to help underprivileged communities by training and recruiting them to become regular employees, and providing

Here's Where You Can Buy Stylish Woven Bags on Instagram

Proudly local!
Have you given into the woven bag trend yet? Here are a bunch of stores you should totally check out if you're looking to buy one:This brand, which started as an entrepreneurial project, now showcases multiple designs plus collabs with local weavers!Elinora

Decorate Your Home With These Sustainable Pieces A La Gwyneth Paltrow

Go for green living with these beautiful and earth-friendly pieces.
If there's one thing (sometimes called a trend!) that we should all learn to follow, it has got to be green living. You’ve heard of the words “recycle” and “sustainable,” but do we actually live them? Do we do them consistently? How

Trend Alert: Nautical Stripes

Pull off Parisian chic with these classic striped pieces.
There's something about blue and white stripes that makes you want to head out to the seas, run with abandon, and savour the cool wind blowing against your sun-kissed skin. Nautical stripes are getting another round of attention these days (well, it's summer after

Bang For The Buck: Rags2riches Cruiser Bag

This carry-all will definitely be a summer highlight!
Last Saturday, women (and men!) gathered for brunch to launch the latest collection of Rags2Riches. Rag2Riches is a social enterprise that creates eco-ethical fashion and home accessories using upcycled scrap cloth, organic materials, and indigenous fabrics. They have been working with artisans

Kabbie's Favorite Things’s Associate Fashion Editor talks about her current summer obsessions.
As much as I love the outdoors, nothing beats the thrill of hunting for great finds in the mall. Whether it’s a bargain piece or something worth saving up for, these beautiful things can really perk up an intensely hot day, stat.

Riir Spring/summer 2013: Newel

The social enterprise-cum-fashion brand releases its first in-house Tinalak collection.
After hit collaborations with Rajo Laurel, Oliver Tolentino, and Amina Aranáz, Rags2Riches (RIIR) launches their first solely-designed line of bags called Newel. The introduction of the latest collection at Greenbelt 5 last March 19 was filled with a lot of firsts as the brand

Rajo Laurel For Rags2riches

The collaborators launch a vibrant summer bag collection that takes after Rajo's Athletenique.
Rajo Laurel and social enterprise fashion brand Rags2Riches (RIIR) have collaborated yet again to present their Summer 2012 line of eco-ethical bags, inspired by Rajo's Summer 2012 collection, Athletenique. Woven clutches and totes in exuberant summer tones that embody Rajo's fusion of