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The Best Workout Meals for Building Muscle

Be inspired by our favorite fit girls!
The best times of your life, one way or another, are related to food—birthdays, anniversaries, and indulgent midnight snacking. And who said working out should prevent us from having happy tummies? Fueling your body with the right stuff before and after you

This Fitness Guru Doesn't Care If You Call Her Macho

She's fit, strong, and healthy!
We're often stuck on the idea that being skinny is the only acceptable form of beauty. We discount the fact that we have different body builds that sometimes don't allow us to be conform to the ideal. We have to remember that

6 Ways to Style a Black Swimsuit, According to Body Type

Take your swimsuit beyond the beach!
Body image has long been a concern for everyone, especially for girls. If you're not a size zero or if you don't have long legs, chances are you are overlooked as you don't fit the ideal form of beauty. But don't you