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12 Classy and Timeless Prom Dress Ouftits You Won’t Regret

Make it a night you won't forget with the right prom dress!
One of the highlights of high school is none other than prom night! And for good reason, this school dance has been the topic of too many teen rom-coms to name. Besides a wedding dress, we’re sure the second most daydreamed dress

Can We Talk About How ‘Extra’ Prom Dresses Are These Days?

We dissect the culture behind the ever-extravagant lineup of this generation's prom dresses.
In the complicated teenage world of high school, a number of things can get you excited, and one of them is prom. The occasion has long been deemed as an important milestone in life, and is often perceived as equally significant as

10 Stylish Prom Dress Ideas to Consider for Your Big Night

Ready to serve some prom queen-worthy looks?
Ah, high school. It’s easily the best four years of your adolescent life and a make-or-break season before you enter higher education. But, between juggling classes and figuring out who you are, another pressing thing that high schoolers have to worry about

9 Local Designers Who Can Create the Prom Dress of Your Dreams

There's someone for every kind of look!
Scenario: Prom season is approaching fast, and while you've got your dress all dreamed up, you have yet to approach a fashion designer and, you know, actually bring it to life. Stumped for local masters to turn to? Here, we list down

Rajo Laurel Reveals the Details of Lorin Gutierrez's Magical Prom Gown

It's literally shining, shimmering, splendid.
Few childhood fashion moments cling to our memories like the image of Sleeping Beauty's Princess Aurora swirling around the castle ballroom in her color-changing dress. Much more than Prince Charming, it was that fairytale frock that was the absolute stuff of dreams!It's still the

Ready-to-wear Prom Dresses

Take your pick from these store finds.
Prom is a rite of passage for every teenager, and since we're all bound to take a stroll down memory lane a decade from now, it's crucial to pick the perfect dress for that night you'll never forget. Don't fret if you