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8 Redness-Correcting Green Bases That'll Help You Wear Less Foundation

Rid your skin of that summer day redness!
With the summer heat amplifying, our skin’s been getting redder the longer we stay under the sun. The weather’s also been making us switch out our usual base products to relieve ourselves of that extra layer of suffocation—making skin tints a beloved

This Technique Will Change the Way You Apply Your Highlighter

It's a simple hack that will level up your highlighting game!
Do you sometimes notice that your highlighter looks unnatural no matter how much you blend it, follow the steps you find on YouTube tutorials, and even buy all the vlogger-approved highlighter products? You apply it on your face, expecting to look like

The Best Makeup Primer, According to Your Skin Type

Prep and prime for a flawless base.
Primer's primary job (pun intended) is to prep the skin for makeup so everything goes on smoother. It's also meant to create a physical barrier between your face and the products, which doesn't only prevent breakouts, the indirect contact actually helps makeup stay

The Best Primers to Apply Before Makeup, According to Skin Concern

For a flawless application!
Primers are essential for a long-lasting, flawless makeup look. They serve as a skin-perfecting base that diffuse uneven texture, large pores, and fine lines. Their genius formulas also prevent foundation, BB cream, powder (or whatever product you choose to wear) from melting

These Primers Will Mattify Oily Skin and Fill in Your Pores

For a fresh, oil-free look!
If you have super oily skin, then you know how annoying it is to have your foundation move around or disappear throughout the day. Luckily, that can be prevented via a face primer! For your skin type, look for ones that regulate

The Reason Why Beyoncé Doesn't Wear Moisturizer On Stage

Her makeup artist applies something else entirely.
If you're still hungover from Beyoncé's Coachella set, don't worry—everyone is. In our case, we've started digging for as much behind-the-scenes details about the performance as possible, finding mind-blowing information along the way.First off, did you notice that she changed her nail polish color

These Are the Best Lightweight Primers for Every Skin Type

For a flawless, non-sticky base.
Any makeup artist will tell you that primers are essential for a flawless base. Whatever your skin type may be (find yours here!), there's a product that can hydrate, smoothen, and mattify yours to perfection. It need not be heavy and mask-like

10 Face Primers to Achieve Glowing Skin

They will also smooth out your pores!
Given how unpredictable our skin can be, it never hurts to be a beauty girl scout. So for days when yours is too dull and dry to function, try a dewy primer for size! You'll see results almost immediately, and you can

5 Things We Can't Wait to Try from Hourglass Cosmetics

Taking our glow to the next level.
Your makeup collection is about to get a glowy upgrade—Hourglass Cosmetics is now on Sephora Philippines!The American brand, launched in 2004, first broke the internet with their incredible Ambient Lighting Powders, which created an incredible glow that still looks like skin. The

10 Face Primers to Keep You Matte All Day

Say yes to budge-proof makeup!
If you've been skipping primer all this time, then you've seriously been missing out! Primers are a must for smooth foundation application. Not only does it make the product last longer on your skin, it also blurs out pores and fine lines.

Best of Beauty 2016: Top 10 Face Primers

Here's what kept us prepped and primed the whole year!
Face primers are an indispensable part of our foundation routines. They're the instant solutions to skin concerns that prevent major makeup mishaps. And last year, we researched, tried, and tested the ones that give anyone's skin and foundation justice. Lo and behold,

This Product Will Solve Your Oily Face Strobing Woes

It’s all about the sheen and not the shine.
Ladies, listen up. There is a major difference between sheen and shine. Often times people confuse one for the other—usually when using a highlighter—ending up with a too-shiny face, one that looks like it can provide enough oil to deep fry some

4 Primer-Related Mistakes You're Probably Making

Maximize your primer's full potential.
1. Not wearing oneWe know it seems like an extra step in your makeup routine, but primer helps your makeup last for long hours. You won't need to worry about your eye shadow and eyeliner getting smudged when you dab eye primer

Roadtest: Happy Skin Instabeauty Blur Cream

Can this primer foundation take the place of your Instagram filters?
 Happy Skin InstaBeauty Blur Cream Primer FoundationPhp1299php per 30mlAvailable online March 2015 at www.happyskincosmetics.comIn Stores April 2015For a mid-range brand that is neither Ever Bilena affordable nor Chanel luxurious, Happy Skin’s nearly cult following is well-deserved. The local brand is most recognized

Kendall Jenner Has A Little Black Secret

No, it's not another burn book video. But your eyes WILL pop.
How does Kendall Jenner make her eyes pop for a selfie?Every girl wants long, flirty lashes ala Betty Boop, Kendall Jenner included. It’s one quick and easy way to make your eyes pop without having to pile on shadow and liner.But what

6 Legit Reasons You Need A Primer In Your Life

To prime or not to prime, is not the question.
Most ladies neglect the importance of a primer, or worse, admit it, some of you don’t even know what it is. A primer is a makeup arsenal must-have that actually has a bunch of benefits. You know how important it is to