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Designer Spotlight: Stacy Rodriguez

Find out what this Preview emerging designer is all about, and take a sneak peek at her latest collection.
Openness, freedom, and candor in sartorial self-expression—these are the principles behind  Stacy Rodriguez's ready-to-wear clothing line called Glasnost. Inspired by Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of transparency and freedom in drawing back the Iron Curtain in Soviet Russia, Stacy's paramount mission is to provide

Designer Spotlight: Camille Co

The Preview emerging designer behind retail brand Coexist presents her latest collection for Holiday 2010.
Preview emerging designer Camille Co is the pretty face behind the young retail and made-to-order clothing line Coexist. She has been in the Philippine fashion industry for only a short time but has already managed to capture the attention of its fashionable

Michelline Syjuco: One Of Preview's Ten Designers To Watch

The accessory designer takes komiks heroines as her latest inspiration.
Michelline Syjuco is firmly cementing her stance as one of the Philippines' foremost accessory designers one accolade and one beautiful collection at a time. Her latest commendation comes from Preview, which includes her in this year's batch of Ten Designers to Watch.

Designer Spotlight: Nixon Marquez

The young fashion and accessory designer talks to us about himself and his latest accessory collection, The Secret Tribe.
One of Preview's Ten Designers to Watch this year is Nixon Marquez, a young, soft-spoken lad who has trained under quirky stylist Shahani Gania. Seeing him for the first time with his meek disposition, it was a surprise to see that his

Designer Spotlight: Vania Romoff

Meet one of Preview's emerging designers, a young woman who fashions fluid elegance effortlessly.
Fluidity, graceful construction, dramatic draping in slinky fabrics in subdued tones—these are the hallmarks of Cebu-bred fashion designer Vania Romoff's latest collection called Fluid. The same characteristics could be used to define her design aesthetic now as a budding designer (she made

Designer Spotlight: Jona Ballaran

Get to know fashion designer/Emir costume designer Jona Ballaran, one of Preview's Ten Designers to Watch for 2010.
She has joined Philippine Fashion Week three times, and has always been inspired by the jet-setting woman who, despite her itinerant lifestyle, never compromises fashion and style for dowdy comfort. Jona Ballaran, one of Preview's Ten Designers to Watch for 2010, again

Designer Spotlight: Noelle Llave

Meet one of SoFA's best young graduates and one of Preview's Ten Designers to Watch for 2010.
Noelle Llave showcased her School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) graduation collection entitled Humanation  during Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010. She was awarded the Best Merchandise Collection award during the graduation fashion show because of the creative mastery and design adeptness

Designer Spotlight: Kenneth Chua

Get to know the Preview emerging designer who made mannequins come to life in PFW Holiday 2010.
From a designer whose last collection was inspired by online gaming fantasy worlds to another designer whose lauded PFW Holiday 2010 lineup was inspired by a soul-searching dominatrix, we now come to another Preview emerging designer: a Marian devotee who made mannequins

Designer Spotlight: Jaz Cerezo

We yield to the future promise and current leather, lace, and velvet creations of this Preview emerging designer.
Once upon a time, there was a prostitute called Maria. This intriguing first sentence of Paulo Coelho’s novel Eleven Minutes propelled one of the emerging designers in this year’s Preview’s Ten Designers to Watch to come up with a leather, lace, and

Designer Spotlight: Enrico Carado

Get to know one of Preview's Ten Designers to Watch for 2010.
This month, Preview once again broadcasts its ten-strong roll call of this year’s hottest young designers culled from Manila’s ever-burgeoning fashion scene, and the fanciful Enrico Carado is one of them.This DLS-CSB alumna started off by being a costume designer for local