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Janina Dizon Shares Lessons From Her Jewelry Design Journey

The jewelry designer is celebrating her 10th anniversary in the business.
Disregard any preconceived notions about accessories being just an after-thought because truth is, jewelry speaks a certain language: It’s the perfect finishing touch that polishes and personalizes a look, it tells a story, and it’s almost always linked to milestones in one’s

6 Makeup Artists Create Junk Food-Inspired Looks

Slurpee- and KitKat-inspired makeup? Why not!
Feeling the munchies? These six makeup artists do, too. Sink your teeth into their junk food-inspired looks below!Ryan Wong for MAC CosmeticsIMAGE Dookie Ducay"[We like summer's] pop of color on luminous skin. Try MAC's Fluidline Liner in Deep Blue Sea (P1100, Power

The Preview Portfolio Project

We present to you a platform where old, new, and up-and-coming fashion creatives can house their bodies of work.
Last month, Barney's New York announced the coming of a special Fall collection that struck the chords of many a fashion heart. Aptly called "First Collection," the store will re-issue Jack McCoullough and Lazaro Hernandez's senior thesis collection as fashion design students

Beauty Insider: Omar Ermita

An in-depth look into the mind of Shu Uemura's master makeup artist.
Unlike most successful professionals in the industry, it wasn’t beauty school or an innate love for fashion that got Omar Ermita into makeup—it was rock climbing and dancing. During his college years as part of a dance troupe, Omar unknowingly began his

Beauty Insider: Leo Posadas

Makeup artist to the stars shares his essential rules of beauty.
Growing up surrounded by women, Leo Posadas credits his time around his mother and sisters for influencing his love for beauty. Convinced by long-time friend and hair stylist Nelson Cruz to try his hand at makeup during college, he began booking gigs

Beauty Insider: Barbie Chan-friebel

Top makeup artist Barbie Chan-Friebel shares pratical beauty tips every girl should know.
Getting to the top of the beauty industry takes a lot of time, talent and proper networking. But while recognition from your peers is a feat in itself, becoming a household name to the public is a whole other matter. Barbie Chan-Friebel

Beauty Insider: Vianney Guese

Vianney Guese reveals his hair tricks of the trade.
When Vianney Guese was in college, he always found himself assigned to the costume department while participating in his organization, Tanghalang Ateneo’s productions. Realizing his knack for hair styling at this time, it was a friend that first booked him for a