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Park Seo Joon Is Every Girl's Dream Instagram Boyfriend and Here's Why

We have proof that he's definitely "blogger jowa" material!
Okay, fine, we will never actually get to date Park Seo Joon. That said, whoever will would be extremely lucky, because the Korean actor has all the qualities of the ultimate Instagram boyfriend. Don't believe us? Well, keep scrolling for some solid proof

Jericho Rosales' Silly Videos Are the Daily Dose of Humor We Need Right Now

His #GabiNaNaman series on Instagram has been providing us with good vibes!
We all know that an incessant stream of pandemic news can tire you out. Forcing unrealistic expectations of productivity on yourself can be punishing, too. Thankfully, multi-hyphenate personality Jericho Rosales is making a case for a third space: Just poke fun at

Kathryn Bernardo Made the Sweetest Video for Daniel Padilla’s Birthday

You have to read her touching note that comes with it!
It’s been a while since Kathryn Bernardo posted a new video on her YouTube channel Everyday Kath, but her latest upload definitely blows everything out of the water. Celebrating the 25th birthday of her reel- and real life beau, Daniel Padilla, the

How to Give a Men's Haircut at Home, According to a Hairstylist

Hairstylist Lourd Ramos gives us some easy tips.
It's a good thing that giving a men's haircut is easy—the hardest part would probably be getting them to sit still and trust what you're doing. Professional hairstylist Lourd Ramos shares with us some no-fail techniques when giving a men's haircut. First,

6 Popular K-Drama Actors Who Have Gotten Married

Spot any of your faves?
Ah, K-Dramaland, a place where we can imagine ourselves going on all sorts of romantic escapades with our fictional boyfriends—whether it be walking under the rain (sharing one umbrella, of course) or having an intimate ramyeon date! But we're reminded every now

6 Hairstyle Ideas for Your Boyfriend, As Seen on Park Seo-Joon

For your s/o's future reference!
Park Seo-Joon's recently concluded drama Itaewon Class featured him in a notable coconut slash chestnut hairstyle similar to the hairstyle of the webtoon character his role was based on. TBH, that was a pretty bold move to make in terms of hairstyling

Nico Bolzico Reacts to Netizens Comparing Him to Denver from "Money Heist"

The internet thinks they look alike, and even Nico himself seems to agree.
With Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) having recently returned for its fourth season, the Spanish drama has quickly climbed up Netflix Philippines' top 10 chart where it currently sits at number one, as of writing.Fans have also been vocal about their

Daniel Padilla Was the Sweetest Kuya at His Sister Magui Ford’s Debut

He even tried to ward off the boys from her. LOL!
If you're an older sibling, then you've probably experienced being in denial and extra protective as you witness your younger sisters gracefully mature with age. Case in point: Daniel Padilla, whose sister Magui Ford has finally turned of legal age. Last night, she celebrated her

7 Reasons Why Guys Should Never Date a Fashion Girl

Consider yourselves warned.
Every single time I ask my guy friends what they like in a girl, they answer "simplicity" without even batting an eye. It’s like the universal response, perhaps an unspoken "bro code" or whatnot. But as someone with a profound appreciation for