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Rei Germar Talks About Her Skin Asthma and Her Long Journey Towards Self-Love

Rei Germar is on Preview's 2021 Best (Under) Dressed List. Read our exclusive interview with her here!
During our interview with her, Rei Germar shared that she was surprised to have been included on our Best Dressed List this year. ("Sobrang nagulat talaga ako," she said, explaining that the list includes "amazing, very influential women of our time.") Truth

Tricia Gosingtian Is Loving Her Low-Key Life, and Her Style Is Radiant as Ever

Tricia Gosingtian is on Preview's 2021 Best (Under) Dressed List. Read our exclusive interview with her here.
Tricia Gosingtian has fully emigrated from the blogging space she had occupied since 2007. Now, she leads a quieter life anchored on family and creative breakthroughs. She devotes her attention to her toddler, Leo, and has conversations with her followers via Instagram

How Marie Lozano Is Transitioning Her Style for the Island Life in Her 40s

In her Preview Best Dressed interview, Marie talks about letting go of her newsroom past to live a laidback life with the closet to match.
You know those people on Instagram who seem like they're always on vacation? Marie Lozano is absolutely one of those people. The TV host's Instagram feed is a wall of dreamy beach getaways, and a quick scroll will make anyone want to

Preview's 2021 Best (Under) Dressed List

In the age of quarantine where fashion has seemingly become optional, these ladies have been consistently making a case for style as a means of self-love.
Our COVID-stained global reality may have, in many ways, created a widespread breakthrough in fashion thinking. But in terms of interpretation, it's not the same for everyone. On the first end of the spectrum, there are those who enjoy having their home as their main sartorial playing