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The Philippines Is the World's 8th Favorite Country

The Philippines scored 90.63 in the tally of 20 nominated countries.
The Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards 2019 voted the Philippines as the 8th favorite country in the world, with a score of 90.63. Topping the list is Indonesia with a score of 92.78, followed by Thailand with a score of 92.37.The

POLL: Who Are You Rooting for to Become the New Darna?

Cast your votes here!
We've been on our toes about the new Darna film reboot for some time now, and after it was announced last night that Liza Soberano was withdrawing from portraying the legendary Filipino superwoman due to injury, Twitter's been abuzz yet again. Read ABS-CBN's

The Eyeliner Face-Off: Mocha Uson Vs. Leni Robredo

Who gets your vote?
In case you missed it, Mocha Uson has challenged Vice President Leni Robredo to an eyeliner face-off. Well, those weren't her exact words, but she did say, "...Magharapan tayo, mata sa mata, eyeliner to eyeliner," in an interview wherein she directly addressed the VP.In the

A Year in Review: Vote for Your Favorite Preview Cover of 2017!

A look back on all the women (and men!) that graced our front page this year.
2017 is almost over, which means we've gone through another round of 11 issues and of course, 11 covers. But before the year ends, we want to ask you something we've been waiting to ask all year: What's your favorite Preview cover

Vote for Your Favorite Fashion Trend of 2016

Let's review what happened in the world of fashion.
The year has passed by so fast and with it, many fashion trends have come and gone as well. So before you completely look forward onto 2017's sartorial swing, let us know which mania you were obsessed with last year. From chokers and

POLL: Who's Your Favorite Preview Cover Boy?

Tell us who you’d prefer to be your Valentine.
This February, Preview brings you not just one, not even two, but six dapper gentlemen to front the cover with model-of-the-moment, Kelsey Merritt. All equally good looking and each blessed with unique and charming personalities, they can make any girl go weak at

Style Bible Best Of 2014

The battle for the best, the hottest, and the most stylish is on!
No one can deny that 2014 was a big year for both fashion and beauty. Internationally, there were buzzworthy magazine covers (we’re looking at you Kim K.), female artists such as Taylor Swift who has dominated the charts, Kendall Jenner’s baptism to