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15 Pairs of Chunky Platform Shoes to Cop ASAP

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When thinking of the chunky shoe trend, (easily one of fashion’s most recent and most polarizing fads), you may quickly picture a pair with soles as thick and fluffy as pancakes or as spiky and fireproof as truck tires. In other words,

6 Local Online Stores That Sell Chic Minimalist Platform Sandals

This sandal is the perfect combination of comfort and style.
If you’re a shoe-a-holic like myself, you'll understand when I say that quarantine has definitely pivoted my footwear choices. I used to dream of the next statement heel or cool new boot I could wear about town and during my travels—but since

Here's How You Should Be Wearing Platform Heels in 2018

Let IG's best dressed teach you a thing or two!
Mention the platform heel and there are two things that likely come to any sartorially-inclined mind: a) the glam swinging '70s and their disco-dancin', floor-sweepin' bell bottom pants; or b) that awkward bracket sandwiching the late 2000s, not quite far off enough

3 Flatforms That Add Height Without Sacrificing Style

Sometimes you just need a break from heels.
Switching up your shoe game with footwear that isn't a stiletto is not only rehabilitating for your feet; it'll also give you a chance to broaden your horizons with height-adding shoes. In fact, platform shoes are equally as effective in making any

Decoding '70s Style

Are you more hippie or boho?
The seventies was the era of romantic liberalism and the height of the disco fever. With the welcome irreverence of style rules, we saw the birth of many fashion fads that celebrated carefree individualism and uniqueness. Keep the ‘70s funk alive today