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5 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Beauty Routine

It's simpler than you think!
Being plastic-conscious and beauty-obsessed don't seem to go that well together, but it's actually simpler to pick up more sustainable habits than it seems. A small change—like making an offline purchase to avoid unnecessary packaging—still helps cut down on waste! You just have

What Does Being "Plastic Neutral" Mean and How Can We Do It?

Here's how you can support the advocacy!
Former Darna actress Nanette Medved-Po, who founded non-profit organization Generation Hope Inc., aims to prove that being plastic neutral can help build a better, greener society. In fact, they just recently celebrated their first anniversary of being plastic neutral...but really, what does it

How the Zero-Waste Movement Became Cool

There are cool people who want to save the world. Let's join them.
In the not-so-distant past, there was a cartoon called Captain Planet (Google it, kids) that was about a superhero called upon by a bunch of teenagers wearing magic rings. Hokey, concept? Absolutely. But it was a progressive show even for its time.It