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Aubrey Miles Just Bought a New Property Using Her Income From Selling Plants

"Would you believe that parts of this investment [are] katas ng halaman?"
Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero are building a new home in Antipolo!TOP STORY: We Found the Exact Beach Outfits Erich Gonzales Wore in AmanpuloIn an Instagram post, Aubrey revealed that she used her income from selling plants to buy the property, which boasts

Here Are the Most Expensive House Plants You Can Buy

Are you ready to be a plant parent?
Many of us have turned towards plants for stress relief and relaxation. We’ve seen Jinkee Pacquiao and Aubrey Miles' extensive collection of plants, and we want in! Now, before you jump right in, there are several factors to be considered when determining

All the Plants We Love in Kathryn Bernardo's Home

You'll love her collection of low-maintenance greens!
Kathryn Bernardo is one of the many celebrities who've embraced the plant parent life while in quarantine. The actress shares that it was Daniel Padilla who influenced her to start her own indoor garden, and she simply hasn't looked back since. She writes, "Never

Where to Buy Chic Pots with Aesthetic Line Art for Your Plants

You don't have to settle for boring planters.
If you can spruce up your walls with line art prints, you can absolutely do the same with your indoor garden. Conveniently, plant pots decorate with different kinds of line art are becoming more popular online, so you can easily level up

Beginner-Friendly Plants That Even New Plantitas Can't Kill

Time to start your indoor jungle.
So... you decided to finally bite the bullet and buy some plants to become a full-fledged plantita. Good news: There are tons of types for you to choose from, whether they can purify your air, help you sleep better, or get rid

Potted Plants You Can Shop Online to Spruce Up Your Home

The pots alone can pass as decor.
If you're looking to decorate your place with some greenery, potted plants are the way to go. This way, you aren't just sprucing up the area with greens, the planters they come in pass as decor, too. Browse through the list below for ones

Study Shows Having a Plant on Your Desk May Reduce Workplace Stress

Just the sight of a plant is enough in some cases.
Like animals, plants have been found to be incredibly beneficial to us mentally and emotionally. A new study has even found that a plant is especially helpful when it comes to managing stress at work.Researchers Masahiro Toyoda, Yuko Yokota, Marni Barnes, and

This Makeup Artist Is Growing Vegetables on Her Condo Unit's Balcony

Plant mom, Janina Dizon, is making our garden-to-table dreams come true.
If you have always wanted to try planting at home but don’t think you have the space or experience to do so, let this makeup artist’s plant parenthood journey serve as inspo. Janina Dizon, 32, who glams up the likes of Maureen

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Plants

Prettify your space with a refreshing touch of green.
After a long day outside, it's always rejuvenating to see hints of green at home. Plants will not only prettify your space; a few pots here and there will also give your haven a calming vibe and even help purify the air.If