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Review: I Tried the Plana FORMA Workout and Made It Out Alive

Confession: I hate exercising.
What: The Plana FORMA workoutWhat it is: Plana FORMA is a total-body workout that combines yoga, dance, pilates, and barre. It involves a ton of target-specific exercises that work on the abdominal, thigh, hips, and seat muscles while strengthening the back and

Celebrity Summer #wotd

Anne Curtis, KC Concepcion, Georgina Wilson, and more share their current fitness regimen.
With looking good as one of their top priorities, these celebs know how to break a sweat in more ways than one. If you’re looking to hop on the #fitspiration wagon but don’t know how, check out these celeb-approved workouts to help

Plana Forma

Eunice gets bitten by the FORMA bug.
Plana FORMA: No two words have ever struck quite this level of anxiety and excitement in me. Ever since I heard of it from Cosmo’s Regina Belmonte I decided to give the much-buzzed-about workout a try, in the hopes it would jumpstart

Different Moves For Different Folks

We've rounded up various workouts to suit different personalities.
It’s time to burn those holiday calories to get ready for bikini season! Don’t you think it’s unfair that summer is only a few months away from the holidays? Although we've binged on all that lechon, ham, pasta, and cake, we can still

The Secret Behind Kc's Bikini Bod

We look into the workout that has gotten the host/singer nicely toned.
Style Bible was abuzz last week with our Battle of the Abs poll gathering an amazing 18,000 votes in KC Concepcion’s corner. Gracing this month’s Cosmopolitan magazine, the singer is bikini-clad for the first time on a cover showing off that body

Beauty Break

For the week-long break we have between Christmas and New Year, we give you seven things to do that you never had time for before.
Although the pull to just laze around in bed and watch DVDs all day is quite strong between Christmas and New Year, we at Style Bible are all for making the most out of your time to do something worthwhile in the