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Here's Why The Symbol For Breast Cancer Is A Pink Ribbon

The pink ribbon as we know it today ties together many events in history that have paved the way for discourse and research about breast cancer.
Every 15 seconds, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.It is the most common form of cancer among women and the second most common cancer in general. Decades ago, breast cancer was not really spoken or written about. Only a handful of

How to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

Be the change your body needs.
Our biggest trouble with breast cancer is that most of us are not sure how we can avoid it. The disease is too common in women that it rings familiar enough for us to ignore its severity. For some, it takes the

All Things Pink For Our Breast Cancer Awareness Beauty Picks

Looking good never felt this good.
This month, we would like to give more meaning to wearing the youthful pink, and by wearing pink, we mean on your face. Who says it’s only fashion that can take part in this worldwide movement to spread Breast Cancer Awareness? From

Pink Fashion Picks To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

This October, we invite you to think pink.
One out of 10 women is diagnosed with breast cancer. You, your mom, your friends, your sister, anyone really, regardless of age and sometimes even gender (although rare, men can suffer from breast cancer), could easily contract the dreaded disease in the

EstÉe Lauder's 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Estée Lauder calls all women to join arms to bring breast cancer to
light this October.
October marks the official Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year, the Estée Lauder Group of Companies is once again spearheading a vigorous campaign to further put a spotlight on the cause. With this year’s mission calling people to “Connect. Communicate.Conquer.Prevent Breast Cancer