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10 Dreamy Rose Gold Hair Colors That Look Stunning on Everyone

It's not your ordinary pink hue.
While subtle makeovers hold a special place in our hearts, there's nothing quite like a bold and daring hair transformation. There are a lot of colors for your to choose from, but if you are looking for an incredibly chic and feminine

15 Classic Hair Dye Ideas That Will Transform Your Look

You'll love these classic and flattering shades!
Even though we'd love to try every hair color under the sun, we can only have one at the end of a salon appointment. Thankfully, it's just hair—it grows back, and more importantly, you can always dye it another shade next time.

The Best Haircut and Color to Try, According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you're looking for a sign to change your look, the stars are here to help.
Horoscopes tend to lean more towards positive energy and juju, so there's really no harm in letting the stars lead you in some decisions. Your zodiac sign can also be a basis (albeit a subjective one) of your strengths and weaknesses, traits

10 Pretty Pink Hair Color Ideas That Will Always Look Good

Looking for a sweet makeover? Pink is the way to go!
We hate to say this, but we disagree with Regina George and strongly feel that you can wear pink all week and not just on Wednesdays. And if you’re a fan of the flirty and feminine hue, then you’ve probably even considered

10 Flattering Hair Color Ideas for Girls with Short Hair

These are the best shades to pair with your short 'do!
Whatever your reason is for chopping off your locks for a shorter ‘do, there is something undeniably fun and youthful about having short hair. Whether you opt for a modest lob, a chic chin-length bob, or a spunky pixie cut, short hair

Anne Curtis' New Hair Color Is Shocking Pink!

Just in time for V-Day.
Look who we spotted sporting bright pink tresses just in time for Valentine’s Day!With caption: “Lazy Sunday but working on my new and very first music video #EmpireOfPink Can't wait for you guys to see it!” -@annecurtissmithThat's right! Anne Curtis is cooking up

Cara Delevingne Dyed Her Hair Pink!

The model-turned-actress stepped out in a bright hue.
Cara Delevingne was spotted at Montreal's Osheaga festival over the weekend sporting cotton-candy pink hair. The model-turned-actress was at the event to support her girlfriend Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent when she debuted the new look with matching super cute pineapple-printed cropped top and