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10 Best Pink Beaches in the World That You Need to See Before You Die

You can find FOUR of them right here in the Philippines!
A well-known fact: The world is positively dotted with breathtakingly beautiful beaches. A not-so-well-known fact: We also happen to be brimming with not just white, but pink shores all around the globe! Though a little harder to find than the usual beaches,

10 of the Prettiest Pink Beaches From All Over the World

Pretty in pink!
So what exactly turns sand pink? The pink or reddish particles are the remains of "tiny, single-celled creatures called Foraminifera containing pink shells."IMAGE INSTAGRAM/heyjulie19Now, prepare yourself. You're about to go crazy for these gorgeous pink beaches:1. Santa Cruz Island, Philippines2. West Kimberley, Australia3. Harbour