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7 Chocolatey Perfumes That Will Make You Smell Like Dessert

Don't worry, they're all totally guilt-free!
Craving chocolate but trying to keep yourself from eating sweets? Don't run to your pantry just yet. A few splashes of chocolate perfume might just be the best temporary solution. You'll be treating the people around you to a delicious whiff, too,

50 Adorable Accessories You Can Wear All Summer Long

Take your leisurely pick.
The heat in Manila has stepped up, and so should your accessory game! Below, we round up 50 of the cutest finds—from statement ear candies to trendy toppers—to soothe your sweet tooth for trinkets. Scroll on, then shop!IMAGE Neon IslandMartini earrings, P549,

10 Engagement Rings That Will Make You Want to Get Married Now

Choose from classic cuts to contemporary styles.
Whether you're a hopeless romantic or not, the thought of getting married surely pops into your head from time to time. From wondering what your wedding dress will look like, to where the big day will take place, to what type of

10 Cozy Pajamas That Will Make You Want to Skip Work

Or better yet, wear them to the office!
As if waking up to your Monday alarm wasn’t horrifying enough after spending two days of doing absolutely nothing, now you’re back to your nine-to-five schedule, where you’re required to swap your comfy house clothes for workwear. But to make matters worse

10 Beauty Products That Will Instantly Remind You of Christmas

Indulge yourself.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas—bright lights, festive lanterns, and holiday decorations are sprawling everywhere. We don’t know about you, but it’s definitely our favorite time of the year! We try to savor the holiday spirit every chance we get,

These Shoes Will Take You to Places

Melissa Shoes places style on the map with the Mapping Holiday 2017 Collection.
There is a saying that if you wear good shoes, you will also end up going somewhere good. It may just be a metaphor, but however you interpret this, the message remains the same—wearing beautiful shoes will make you feel confident and

Here are 10 Pairs of Sparkly Shoes You Can Wear Even in Daytime

Oooh, shiny.
Okay, indulge us (and yourself, TBH). Imagine that you don't have prejudices against the sparkly shoe—they're only for evening, you cry. They're just too much for normal days!Full offense, but you're wrong! Just imagine these 10 gorgeous pairs teamed with an achingly

15 Non-Boring Black Shoes You Need in Your Closet Now

Ready your wallets!
It's no secret that many girls love wearing black shoes. And why not? Their sleek vibe is very easy to pair with just about anything in your closet. But your ebony pairs need not to be boring. In fact, they can even

15 Structured Work Bags That are Anything But Boring

No yawning allowed here.
Listen, the criteria "office-appropriate" never has to mean yawns all around. If you're not as free to play with your outfits, why not style things up with your work tote of choice? Below, 15 chic picks that spell fun with just the

Prepare to Fall in Love With the New Carolina Herrera Boutique

Discover our pretty picks from the newly opened shop.
We took a tour of the newly opened CH Carolina Herrera boutique in Greenbelt 5, and suffice it to say that being up close and personal with the designer’s creations stirred feelings of romance and femininity. “CH Carolina Herrera is a lifestyle

14 Literal Fashion Statements to Wear Now

Don't be afraid to make a statement, like, literally.
Forget subtlety! In this day and age, if you have something to say to the world, then don’t think twice and say it like you mean it—even if it means wearing it on your sleeves, or, you know, wherever you want! After

10 Lipsticks That Won't Leave a Stain on Your Coffee Cup

These lippies won't leave a mark.
If lipstick addicts were thieves, we'd always be caught red-handed. We leave a trail that even the untrained eye can't miss, and by that, we mean we leave lipstick marks everywhere. Whatever we do, our cups, straws, and spoons always end up

12 Lightweight and Luminous Bases You Can Wear All Summer

You won't even feel like you're wearing anything!
Your love affair with dewy skin doesn't have to die in the summer. Just switch out your heavy foundations with something more lightweight, and you'll be good to go!Keep scrolling for our fresh face must-haves!IMAGE Etude HouseEtude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

6 New Brow Products That Will Upgrade Your Eyebrow Routine

Ever heard of brow conditioner?
We get it. You wouldn't trade your current brow routine for anything in the world. And trust us, we feel the same way about ours, but this shouldn't stop you from going beyond your beloved brow pencil either. Who knows, you might

20 Easy-to-Style Maillots You Can Still Wear Even After Summer Is Over

Who says you can only wear your favorite one-piece to the beach?
There are so many great things about the classic one-piece swimsuit, but one particular thing we absolutely love about it is its versatility—regardless if you’re not hitting the beach or heading to some pool party, you can easily transition this summer staple

16 Nude Beauty Products That You Need in Your Collection

Get in the mood for nude.
There's no escaping the allure of a creamy nude. Especially for minimalists, it's a great accent color for breaking the monochrome. Not to mention the fact that anything in this color looks so elegant—beauty products included. And to officially get you in