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FYI, Instagram Is Now Hiding Heavily Photoshopped Photos

They're starting to flag those tweaked photos as "false information."
Keep yourself updated with all the latest fashion news here:Fond of Photoshopping your 'grams? You may want to go easy on your edits. Facebook, the mother company of Instagram, has rolled out a new feature on the photo-sharing app where "third-party fact-checkers

France Now Requires Ads to Inform the Public of Photoshopped Images

A bold move towards positive body image.
It's official! Advertisements in France will now carry a disclaimer if an image has been Photoshopped. While it's no secret that models' bodies are retouched to look slimmer and smoother in campaigns, the French government is actually addressing this as a public

Check Out These Photoshopped Pictures of Kendall Jenner

They're hilarious!
Instagram account @kirbyjenner seems like a rehashing of Kendall Jenner's, except for one subtle detail. Describing himself as an amateur model and fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner on his Instagram bio, Kirby Jenner posts pictures of himself photoshopped into the model's Instagram posts.And

Lorde Points Out Her Flaws In A Photoshopped Picture Of Herself

Lorde Points Out Her Flaws in a Photoshopped Picture of Herself
The singer-songwriter took to Twitter to point out you don't have to be pixel perfect all the time. Comparing two photos of herself taken from the same event, the singer tweeted, "I find this curious--two photos from today, one edited so my skin