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FYI, Instagram Is Now Hiding Heavily Photoshopped Photos

They're starting to flag those tweaked photos as "false information."
Keep yourself updated with all the latest fashion news here:Fond of Photoshopping your 'grams? You may want to go easy on your edits. Facebook, the mother company of Instagram, has rolled out a new feature on the photo-sharing app where "third-party fact-checkers

France Now Requires Ads to Inform the Public of Photoshopped Images

A bold move towards positive body image.
It's official! Advertisements in France will now carry a disclaimer if an image has been Photoshopped. While it's no secret that models' bodies are retouched to look slimmer and smoother in campaigns, the French government is actually addressing this as a public

This Instagram Dinosaur Has More Famous Friends Than You

He even keeps up with the Kardashians.
By now you should’ve already heard of Kirby Jenner a.k.a. “the fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner.” If his mad Photoshop skills were able to tickle your fancy, then we’re quite sure you’re also going to love Lorenz Valentino—the so-called “it-Dino, actor, and

Photoshop's New Tool Lets You Enhance Your Smize

Make those eyes pop!
Website Flipboard just found a way to improve your #selfie game. Introducing: Lightening and Brightening Your Eyes in Adobe Photoshop. (Image from process involves adjusting your eye color’s saturation and drawing some depth into your iris. The result? Sharper eyes and an

Major Photoshop Fail On Kimye's Vogue Photo, Netizens Think Kanye Is A Vampire

Major Photoshop Fail On Kimye's Vogue Photo, Netizens think Kanye Is A Vampire
Social media went abuzz with a bevy of funny, enraged, and harsh comments about the Vogue cover of the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And while Anna Wintour defends, another controversy brews and the netizens are at it again. A photo