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10 Filipina Photographers That'll Inspire You to Start Taking Photos

We put the spotlight on these creative individuals.
With the Filipino woman’s multitude of talents, it doesn’t come as a surprise that a number of our female photographers are making waves here and abroad. Their striking shots, whether a haunting photograph of war-stricken Marawi or a celebrity’s portrait in a

Here's How You Can Add a Colored Filter to Your Photos Without an App

Because less apps = more space on your phone.
As many successful content creators have stressed time and time again, you can shoot AND edit great content using a mobile phone. Or more specifically, using the phone you already have.Internet personalities Bamlife, AC Soriano, and even celeb photographer BJ Pascual can attest

12 Easy Tricks If You Want to Look Good in Your Next Sexy IG Post

Post your best sultry pic yet!
We keep on sharing pegs of low-key sexy poses, but we haven't really discussed the basics and of taking a good sexy photo. Unlike regular selfies and OOTDs, it calls for superb art direction and props.TOP STORY: We're Obsessed with Lovi Poe's Effortlessly

These Celebrity-Approved Tips Will Help You Take the Best Instax Photos

Some clever advice straight from Ylona Garcia, Leila Alcasid, and Angelina Cruz!
Nostalgia is a prevalent trend even when it comes to photography. In the past two years, analog or film-like filters have dominated Instagram—the more candid and grainy, the better and more “aesthetic.” Which is why instant cameras have become a staple for

Would You Believe That These Stunning Photos Were Taken Using an iPhone?

Apple selected 10 amateur mobile photographers for the Shot on iPhone Challenge 2019.
Sometimes it’s not just about the equipment, it’s also about the skill.Ten iPhone users proved this can be applied to photography too, as Apple Inc. announced the winners of the Shot on iPhone Challenge 2019.The American multinational tech company launched the competition

Here's the Real Reason Why People Never Smiled in Old Photos

Nope, they weren't all miserable.
Ever come across a grainy black-and-white portrait dating back to your great grandmother's prime and asked yourself why they always looked so sullen, or sad, or just downright miserable? Turns out there's actually a perfectly reasonable explanation for all the straight faces