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Here's Why Kyline Alcantara No Longer Cares About Looking Perfect on Social Media

"Eventually narealize ko rin po na may masasabi at masasabi talaga lahat...So just live your freaking life."
Looking good may be part of a celebrity's job description, but as every star inevitably has to learn, there's danger in letting that consume you. With social media increasing that pressure tenfold, it's often up to the celebrities themselves to stand up

Here's How You Can Add a Colored Filter to Your Photos Without an App

Because less apps = more space on your phone.
As many successful content creators have stressed time and time again, you can shoot AND edit great content using a mobile phone. Or more specifically, using the phone you already have.Internet personalities Bamlife, AC Soriano, and even celeb photographer BJ Pascual can attest

Here's Why Megan Young No Longer Edits Her Photos on Social Media

She wasn't always this confident in showing her skin unfiltered.
The internet isn't the kindest place, so it's not easy to put yourself out there in your most vulnerable state. We can't blame you for adding a filter or two for some peace of mind, but still, don't forget that old habits

This Video Explains Why You'll Never Look Like an Influencer

Newsflash: Even influencers don’t look like influencers in real life.
As they saying goes, “Don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet.” Though social media has become everyone’s favorite escape from reality—because you can curate your online persona into anything or anyone you want to appear to be— it has

This Influencer Posts Tutorials to Make the Cutest Pics

They’re so easy to follow!
Scrolling through the Instagram feed of Hong Kong-based content creator Samantha Wong (@samishome) will make you feel all sorts of warm fuzzies. Lavender-tinged with pops of pastel yellow, pink, and blue, her posts send out happy vibes that can lighten even the

How To Get That Cool Film Camera Effect On Instagram

Give your feed a retro makeover.
Analog film photography took a back seat when mobile phone cameras were introduced. Instagram became flooded with professional-looking IG-worthy pics—those that look perfect. But now, everyone is realizing that the vintage charm will never be out of style. The grainy, overexposed effect

These Celebrity-Approved Tips Will Help You Take the Best Instax Photos

Some clever advice straight from Ylona Garcia, Leila Alcasid, and Angelina Cruz!
Nostalgia is a prevalent trend even when it comes to photography. In the past two years, analog or film-like filters have dominated Instagram—the more candid and grainy, the better and more “aesthetic.” Which is why instant cameras have become a staple for

5 Ways to Achieve an Effortless Instagram Feed

Let's be #real.
Maybe it’s the crushing pressure to look #real on social media, or maybe it’s just us living our 2018 resolution of cutting ourselves some slack. Whatever it is, Instagram girls from all around the world seem to be skipping editing apps and

6 Apps to Download for Super Cute Selfies

Turn them into works of art.
The filters on Snapchat and Instagram are great, but when you want to impress your friends with cool photos and #art IG stories, get a little help from these free beauty filter apps. They've got a wide selection of filters, adorable stickers, and cute animations. We

The VSCO Guide: 7 Filters for Flawless Selfies

Hacks for the ultimate selfie queen.
Instagram can be unforgiving when it comes to photo editing. Sure, nothing beats a no-filter post but in this day and age, what’s a post without a little visual enhancement? And with all the editing apps in the app store, all you

Photoshop's New Tool Lets You Enhance Your Smize

Make those eyes pop!
Website Flipboard just found a way to improve your #selfie game. Introducing: Lightening and Brightening Your Eyes in Adobe Photoshop. (Image from process involves adjusting your eye color’s saturation and drawing some depth into your iris. The result? Sharper eyes and an

How to Edit Your Pics Like on VSCO, Without Using VSCO

It's time to make use of Instagram's editing features!
Real girl problem: curating a good-looking IG feed. It’s an everyday occurrence; and not unless you’re a professional blogger/photographer/graphic artist, then coming up with cool pics could sometimes be a major struggle. The answer to this 911 call would always be VSCO

How To Use Instagram's 5 New #ootd-friendly Filters

Stop whatever you're doing and check it out, now!
There’s no denying it: we live in the age of Instagram and now the genius creators have decided to give us all a special treat this Christmas. If you haven’t upgraded this app yet, do it now! We’re talking about five new

6 Free Apps That Guarantee A Perfect #selfie

Gussying up your selfies has never been this fun.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that social media has taken the world by storm. Hashtags, selfies, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—you have to admit, these are all part of your daily routine. With the unspoken pressure of wanting to