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You Can Soon FaceTime With Your Android-User Friends

More people to FaceTime with!
Aside from the Apple-exclusive features, one notable thing about Apple products is their exclusive apps. From Pages to Numbers, they have iOS-only alternatives to popular software programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. Another popular iOS-exclusive app is FaceTime, which is a mobile app Apple

These Biodegradable Phone Cases Come in the Cutest Colors

They're made from bamboo, wheat, and flax.
There's something seriously addicting about constantly changing your phone case. Seeing your beloved smartphone wrapped up in a fresh case with a cool design just makes the device instantly seem brand new. Plus, a new case means better mirror selfies—you were thinking

10 Practical Tips to Cut Down the Time You Spend on Your Phone

Here's how to slowly become a digital minimalist!
After a year of lockdown, we hold our phones closer to our hearts than ever. This isn't even a bad thing! We should be done feeling guilty about skyrocketing screen time statistics, seeing as we use our devices for work, school, socialization,

6 Useful iPhone Hacks You Should Know About

Like setting a timer for your music.
While iPhones are known for their camera quality and clean interface, not many may know that the mobile device and the iOS that comes with it also offer a lot of features for users to have a hassle-free experience. iPhones don't come cheap, so

Samsung's Latest Budget-Friendly Smartphone Is Less Than P4,000

Looking for an affordable smartphone for everyday tasks?
These days, the demand for quality smartphones is on the rise especially now that schools have transitioned to e-learning. Those who don't have a decent laptop can settle for a smartphone that can help you make video calls and do simple everyday

This IG Shop Sells the Cutest Phone Cases for as Low as P200

We can't handle how #aesthetic the designs are!
These days, you're probably glued to your phone trying to stay connected with your friends and family especially now that it's a bit harder to hang out and have get togethers. So, it just make sense to invest in a cute phone

The New Oppo Phone Comes with Free Jo Malone Wallpapers and Music

It’s the prettiest partnership!
They’ve called it “The Tale of Two Oranges.” Oppo has collaborated with one of our favorite fragrance houses, Jo Malone London, for the launch of their new Find X2 Pro Orange Vegan Leather Edition, and it has quite a few aesthetic features

6 Ways to Level Up Your DIY Instagram Photoshoot at Home

You can achieve editorial-worthy photos using only your phone!
To quote the TikTok-famous song by Curtis Roach, are you “bored in the house, and in the house bored?” If you’ve succumbed to the Dalgona coffee trend, obligatory Zoom parties, and banana bread baking club, then we suggest you amp up your

The Dos and Don'ts of Keeping Your Phone Clean in the Time of COVID-19

Did you know that cellphones are said to be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat?
My phone has a Digital Wellbeing app installed, and it shows that I unlock my phone an average of 92.72 times a day. Each unlock is its own story. I unlock my phone while cooking, vaccuuming, reading, eating, and while having coffee

Would You Buy This Elephant Phone Case for P26,000?

It will protect your precious iPhone from scratches and boring style.
If you're just as obsessed with Loewe's adorable Elephant sling as we are, then you're in for a treat. This Lunar New Year 2020, this gentle giant house icon is ready to protect your precious iPhone from bad luck and boring style!

Here's What Your Social Media Obsession Is Actually Doing to Your Body

Staring at your screen all day does more harm than you think.
In an age dominated by social media, streaming sites, and the general ease granted by an infinite amount of information online, it's almost impossible to turn to a corner and not find someone obsessing over their phones or any type of screen.

Celeb Cases

10 of the cutest smartphone cases, as rounded up online.
It seems like everyone is taking selfies these days and celebs are no exception: Whether it’s to show their #OOTD, beauty looks, or for no reason at all, we see them all online and we can’t help but notice their adorable phone

Blackberry Z10

Make way for BlackBerry's perfect 10.
2013 marks the 10th year of BlackBerry here in the Philippines, and to celebrate, they chose to share the joy by bringing good news to all BB users out there. The long-awaited all touch smartphone, the Blackberry Z10, is now available on

Sony Summer 2013

Capture priceless summer memories with the hottest line up of gadgets.
Sony Philippines gears up for the season with their Summer 2013 campaign Splash, Look & Listen. With promise of stylish, sophisticated gadgets, it’s impossible for this to go unnoticed on our fashion radars! Read on as we give you a run through