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Go Nuts Over These Coconutty Goodies

Perfume yourself with the tropical scent for an endless summer.
As a desperate attempt to cling onto summer’s last month, we enlist the help of the most tropical scent we could think of—coconut. Nutty, distinct, and associated with all things summer, this local fruit carries a number of surprising beauty benefits as

Our Current Beauty Obsessions

Check out which products we can't help but rave about.
In a fast-paced life of an editor, it’s our job to weed out the bad from the good. But when a product lands in our daily rotation, then we know we’ve got a gem to keep. From hair savers to scent addictions,

Top 5 Reasons To Drop By Philosophy Now

Today seems like a fine day for vanity shopping.
Beauty brand Philosophy makes a comeback here in the Philippines, and they promise to stay here for good. We list down five reasons why you should drop by their store now!Philosophy is located at 2nd floor, SM Megamall Fashion Hall

Bath Time Buzz

Up the luxury factor of your soaking experience with these bubbly picks.
Though stewing in your own filth calls to mind gruesome images of multiplying bacteria and such, a bath works pretty well at washing the day’s stress away (trust me). Add a scented candle, some bubbles, and one of Norah Jones’ albums in

Perfect Pairs

Add these fail-safe beauty combos to your arsenal of primp tips.
Like molten lava cake and vanilla ice cream, some things are just meant to be together. Same goes with our beauty stash. Through years of experimentation and research we’ve concocted a few tried and tested pairings that’ll help you in a pinch.

Beauty Lingo: Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Reveal a smoother, more radiant you with these surface-renewing acids.
For our third installment of Beauty Lingo (we did two features on retinol and hyaluronic acid), we shine the spotlight on another anti-aging ingredient, alpha hydroxy acid, more commonly referred to as AHA. Used mainly as an exfoliant, this ingredient helps slough

Beauty Lingo: Retinol

Get the lowdown on the beauty world's favorite anti-aging ingredient.
Printed multiple times on different anti-aging products, retinol seems to be the star player when it comes to fighting off wrinkles, but what it does is still a mystery to most. On the simplest level, most can explain retinol as a form

Ask An Editor: Do Non-foaming Cleansers Really Work?

The lowdown on cleansing your skin sans suds
Do non-foaming cleansers reall work?The answer is a big YES. Synonymous to the sensitive-skinned, the non-foaming cleanser’s claim to fame is its ability to cleanse without stripping skin of much-needed moisture. Without chemical agents to help create a foamy lather, the cleanser

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: P500-p1000

Step up your game with gifts that cost just shy of P1000.
When it comes to gift giving, we’re all about helping the receiver feel happy to be in your life (and on your gift list). If your wallet allows for looser purse strings, these objects are worth the extra amount you shell out.

1 Fragrance, 5 Reasons Why It Rocks

Skincare brand Philosophy is back and better than ever.
It’s back! Better known for their scented lotions and shower gels, Philosophy graces our shelves once again with a renewed image. Poised on promoting their best-selling skincare line, the brand puts a premium on propagating clear, blemish-free skin that holds makeup as