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This New Online Shop is a Hub for Top Local Designers

We’ve picked our favorite pieces to shop.
The recent turn of events have surfaced a common desire to support local products and craftsmanship. Among the fashion stalwarts who need our support are our Filipino designers who have had to rethink the purpose of their vocation. A newly launched website called

Rosanna Ocampo Shows Us How To Dress For The Holidays

Celebrating her seventh year in the fashion biz, the designer debuts a new collection perfect for the Yuletide season.
As December draws nearer, party invitations fill up the space in our inboxes waiting for replies as to whether we’ll be attending or not. Out of those 10, you probably will only want to go to five–seven if you’re in the mood.

How To Not Have To Deal With A "designer From Hell"

What happens when your couture dreams are crushed?
We’ve recently fished a story about a young bride’s horrendous experience with a local designer whose name is kept with the initials DL. The bride claims that Mr. DL not only delivered poorly made dresses for her, the bridesmaids, and flower girls

Filipino Designers Featured In The Guardian

Filipino Designers Featured In The Guardian
The Guardian releases a feature on the International Fashion Showcase in London and how only the Filipino contingent, Manila Wear, "incorporated indigenous sustainable materials into their designs. In addition, each designer had either a partnership with an NGO where profits are put

Phfw Ss 2014 Review: Ready-to-wear

Seven designers sent creations that range from laid-back to glam down the runway ready for the picking.
This year's Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-to-Wear collections seem to cater to the different facets of the modern woman: powerful in her field, knows how to have fun, appreciates relaxed and quiet moments, a jetsetter, and attractive in all ways. Alodia,

Watch: Pefta 2013 Exhibit

We bring you all the happenings during the culminating event of this year's PEFTA.
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Straight From The Pros

Planning to join PEFTA next year? Here are the things you need to know.
Over the years, PEFTA has proven to be a great platform for fashion designers wishing for their big break in the industry. If you think you deserve a spot in next year's batch, here's a list of the things you need remember

Pefta: Geoffrey Zordilla

This designer makes waves in his aqua-inspired PEFTA collection.
WHAT IS YOUR COLLECTION ABOUT? ANYTHING SPECIFIC IT WAS INPIRED BY?My collection was inspired by sea waves. I'm a nature lover, and this form of movement in nature was very interesting to me. I'm scared of swimming but I like the view

Pefta: Tony Evan

Embracing spontaneity was the master plan for this designer's PEFTA collection.
WHAT IS YOUR COLLECTION ABOUT? ANYTHING SPECIFIC IT WAS INPIRED BY?My collection really started with a play on several shapes, then I inserted a multitude of textures in the process. I'm the kind of designer who isn't keen on doing cutesy dresses—I

Pefta: Alexa Cheng

Statues inspire the art of movement in this designer's PEFTA collection—see how she pulls it off.
WHAT IS YOUR COLLECTION ABOUT? ANYTHING SPECIFIC IT WAS INPIRED BY?Whenever I think of a collection, I go out and take a walk and usually get inspired by what I see. This collection has its roots on a Mother Mary statue in

Pefta: Marian Madayag

This designer doodles her way to an emotion-driven PEFTA collection.
WHAT IS YOUR COLLECTION ABOUT? ANYTHING SPECIFIC IT WAS INPIRED BY?My collection is composed of doodle prints I drew and colored personally by hand. The circular doodles represent the highs and lows I experienced in life, and the neon colors embody the

Pefta: Bien Santiago

Marrying functionality and fashion—know why Bien Santiago elevates swimwear in her PEFTA collection.
PEFTA recipient, Bien Santiago, is a swimwear designer whose brand, Yuminum, is making waves especially in the online shopping sphere. Read on to know more about her!WHAT IS YOUR COLLECTION ABOUT? ANYTHING SPECIFIC IT WAS INPIRED BY? I lived beside rice fields growing


Joey Samson celebrates his 10-year journey through an audio-visual exhibit.
He could have been a doctor; but instead, Joey Samson chose a career at the opposite end of the spectrum. There are no regrets, though. This year marks his 10th in the industry, a milestone that could have only been reached through

Phfw Holiday 2013 Day 5 Review: Menswear

Philippine Fashion Week shifts the spotlight from women’s couture to the evolving designs of contemporary menswear.
On the last day of the five-day event, Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 turns the fashionable crowd’s attention to men’s fashion. No, we’re not talking about basic polo and trousers or your standard suit and leather shoes. This season’s collection is certainly

Phfw Day 5 Review: Grand Allure Holiday 2013

Eveningwear takes on new forms this season courtesy of 14 designers all with different styles.
The fashion stakes get higher every year at Philippine Fashion Week and this season, the height of elegance at the Grand Allure show was as it should be with 14 designers showcasing their different takes on formal wear. The range of styles

Phfw Holiday 2013 Day 5 Review: Albert Andrada

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 closes with a modern recreation of medieval fashion.
As a fitting end to this season’s Philippine Fashion Week, its 22nd season, Dubai-bred Filipino designer Albert Andrada sent modern-day empresses down the runway decked out in visually intriguing garments. Although a tiny step down the scale of grand spectacle, the artistry