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An Online Stylist Dressed Me for a Week and Here's What Happened

It's an easy solution for when you've got nothing to wear.
What: is an online-based styling service that provides the customer a curated closet to shop from. They can visit you at home or you can choose from your online "fitting room." They deliver the clothes you like at your doorstep. They partner

5 Sick Day Outfits To Make You Look and Feel Better

Dress yourself to a faster recovery!
Looking your best is a reasonable first step towards feeling your best. So before your antibiotics kick in, you should trick yourself into feeling better through wearing a killer outfit. Prioritizing comfort without sacrificing style is easier than you think!Here, we have

10 Slip Dresses For When You Have Nothing to Wear

Pay the lingerie department a visit.
This summer, we're taking our slip dresses out of the boudoir and onto the streets. Comfy chic doesn't always have to mean a plain white tee and jeans because the slip dresses we know can be styled in pretty much the same

Which Chinese New Year OOTD Fits Your Personality?

Because you don’t have to be Chinese to celebrate the festivities.
Chinese New Year is coming up, and whether you’re chinita or not, as long as you’re a true-blue fashion girl, you’d take this as an opportunity to shop and dress up. Look red hot while munching on tikoy and attract good fortune

5 Celebrity-Approved Color Combinations to Try This Year

The color trends for 2016.
While black, white, and navy will always have a special place in our closets (it occupies maybe 80% of our wardrobe), it’s nice to make space for color. When it’s gloomy outside and you're feeling meh, we guarantee that a pop of

How to Get Away with Wearing Flats to All Your Holiday Parties

And still look fab!
By now, we’re sure you’ve already attended your nth Christmas dinner. And while it’s fun to celebrate the season’s festivities with your family and friends, you have to admit that partying nightly can also get tiring. It’s no excuse to look drab

Samantha Sadhwani Shows Us Ways to Wear Knits for the Holidays

Stock up on the cozy knits for this nippy Manila weather.
The Philippines may not have all four seasons, but we’re lucky enough to have sweater weather during the holidays up until around February. We're obviously excited for the breezy nights ahead so we enlisted the help of beauty turned fashion girl Samantha

How to Rock Culottes Like a Stylish Celebrity

Learn how it's done.
Essentially long shorts or cropped trousers, culottes are our new official must-have bottoms. These shorts have been tickling our fancy since late last year. And now, it's relishing its turn on the spotlight. Incredibly chic and easy to style for a lazy

FASHION EDITORIAL: Jessica Wilson in the Little Pink Dress

Learn how to wear the fashion forward shade.
You heard us, we said fashion forward. There’s no replacing the king and queen, black and white, but Princess Pink is now fully evolved and ready to take her rightful spot in fashion. Less poofy, more minimalist, and downright stylish, pink has

Yes, This Is a Shoe

Meet Gucci's new Muppet.
Meet Chewbacca and George's (Pauline Juan’s furry Brother Vellies companion at #Preview20) second cousin, twice removed: Gucci’s Princetown slip-on loafer. This little bit of trouble raised some brows at the Fall 2015 show with its long and shiny goat hair make, fastened with the

20 Celeb-Inspired Outfits for When You Have 'Nothing to Wear'

Bookmark this cheat sheet, stat!
If the first thing you say when you open your abundant closet is “I have nothing to wear” then you’re not alone. It’s a common dilemma especially on those crazy, lazy days, but you know deep inside, it’s so not true. Our

How to Wear Fringe in Manila

The better to shimmy with.
One of the many fashion trends that captured the ’70s zeitgeist was fringe. Far from the fringe glam of the 1920’s, the wispy strips on the hemlines of the hippie seventies were more relaxed and casual—much like the chill vibe of their


And here's how to wear it.
Don’t know what a Canadian Tuxedo is? You’re probably already wearing it as we speak. Made popular by the movie Super Troopers, the trend got its start from a scene where a sargeant wears a denim jacket with jeans. Fast forward to


You'll be amazed by how much the swimsuit costs!
We’ve said it time and time again, maillots are hot this summer. Now, the great thing about them is you can actually wear them out even when the summer heat begins to fizzle. Simply slide into a pair of linen trousers or


Outfit ideas for Pacquiao-Mayweather this weekend.
Anxiously waiting for Sunday’s fight? You should ask Mommy Dionisia how she’s prepping for it. When it comes to supporting her baby boy, the country’s favorite stage mom makes sure she’s 100% camera ready. (When she got to the States, her first

The Best Dressed Girls At Coachella

Plus: How to cop their look.
‘Tis the season for flower crowns. [side eye] With the first weekend of Coachella out of the way, more and more girls are probably under the impression that pairing navel-baring off-shoulder peasant tops and super ultra mega distressed daisy dukes with moccasin

5 Chic Ways To Style A Jumpsuit

The adult onesie.
Jumpsuits have come a long way since Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, started wearing them. Today, they are high-street staples perfect for days when you just don’t have the energy for mixing and matching. Given, it’s not quite the

One Piece, 3 Ways: Overalls

A trifecta of casual chic ways to style the denim onesie.
Photographed by BJ Pascual for Preview MagazineWith the sun shining like there’s no tomorrow, it’s official, summer is here! Hence, our current cool and casual mood. For a playful twist, find yourself a dungaree that you can rock all year-round. Here's how

3 Ways To Style Your High Cut Sneakers

Allow Georgina Wilson and Liz Uy to teach you how to wear those hard-to-style babies.
There’s a sneaker epidemic going on, and lucky are the long legged beauties whose stick-thin gams can happily slip into the often bypassed high tops without worrying about chopping a good two inches off their height. But even so, these pretty beasts