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Here's Where You Can Buy Period-Proof Undies and Reusable Pads Online

Still not ready to switch to menstrual cups? Try these other eco-friendly alternatives!
Zero-waste alternatives to single-use sanitary napkins and tampons have been available on the local market for years now, the most accessible form being menstrual cups—you can even buy them at pharmacies like Mercury Drug. ICYDK, a menstrual cup is a funnel-shaped device

How Period Undies Work and Where to Buy Them

Here's a mini guide for you.
When itâs that time of the month, menstrual pads and tampons always come to the rescue. Using pads and tampons, however, isnât exactly the most eco-friendly thing. Just imagine how many pads you go through in a day for approximately a five-day

We Found a Swiss Chocolate Bar That Helps Relieve Period Cramps

Now you have an excuse to binge!
The guilt that comes with binge-eating chocolate while on your period is about to meet its maker, because a brand in Switzerland has finally made the sweet treat both healthy and functional. Meet Frauenmond, the chocolate bar made by Chocolate with Love that