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10 Floral Perfumes to Gift for Mother's Day Instead of a Bouquet

These will last way longer than flowers.
So you have one of those super practical mothers who don’t love the idea of flowers (they say it’s like watching your money wilt), and you’re left to wonder what to give on Mother’s Day. Luckily, there is a gift alternative that’s

10 Best Hair Perfumes to Try for Fresh, Fragrant Locks

These will make your hair smell incredible.
The art of scent is one that takes time to master, but is a joyous journey in every step. One of our favorite discoveries is hair perfume, which is as straight-to-the-point as it sounds. They’re different from your regular fragrance in that

3 Perfume Tips That'll Keep You Smelling Fresh Despite the Summer Heat

Want your perfume to last? Here's how to pick "the one" and use it right.
Don’t you ever wish that summer only applied to the beach and vacation days? As much as we love the warmth of the sun, the dry season isn’t always “fun under the sun.” Especially as a tropical country, the humidity levels we

We Found the Exact Perfume Korean Actress Kim Sejeong Wears

It's an award-winning, sweet citrus scent!
If you're like us, you've also probably fallen for Kim Sejeong's girl-next-door charm on A Business Proposal. The K-drama even made us follow her on Instagram, only to find out that she seems as sweet and cool IRL! And after going down

10 Best Perfumes to Try If You Love Refreshing, "Clean" Scents

For that effortless, fresh-off-the-shower feeling.
So you've already mastered clean hair and makeup, the look that seems to define the year (and possibly the decade). Why not take it a step further and find your perfect clean fragrance? We’re talking about perfumes and colognes that smell like

Here Are 10 Colognes You Should Try If You Love Fresh Scents

Smell fresh off the shower in just a few spritzes.
When we hear of cologne, we often think of perfumes for men. But the truth is, the origin of the term has nothing to do with the gender of fragrance. It actually comes from the German city, Cologne, where the light scent

These Are Dior's Best-Selling Perfumes in the Philippines

Capture the brand's iconic, timeless style with these fragrances.
As Christian Dior once said: "A woman’s perfume tells me more about her than her handwriting." This is a testament to the importance of perfume in style and beauty. With cult classic scents such as Miss Dior and Sauvage, Dior's fragrances grace

9 Sophisticated Scents That Filipina Fashion Designers Love Wearing

Make your outfits extra memorable with these stylish picks.
Fragrance and fashion are more tightly-knit than you think. Your perfume serves as an extension of your outfit, and not only will it give you an extra confidence boost, it'll also make every ensemble more memorable. And if you're looking for elegant scents

8 Women in Their 40s Reveal Their Most-Used Perfumes

Find your next signature scent among their chic picks.
We're all accompanied by scents throughout our life. And although our favorites can change over time, many women wear the same perfumes for a long time because it reminds them of their best memories. Some use their fragrance to celebrate the powerful

The Exact Fragrances That Stylish Korean Actresses Love Wearing

They always carry a bottle in their bag!
Thanks to the existence "what's in my bag" videos, celebrity beauty secrets don't always remain a secret. It's one of our favorite things to watch online, mostly because it gives us a sneak peek into the beauty stashes of say, Korean celebrities—stashes

These Are the Best Perfumes We Tried in 2021

Read our reviews for the winning fragrances for this year's Preview Beauty Awards!
Last November, we revealed the new batch winners of this year's Preview Beauty Awards. It included a total of 45 products, all of which we tried, tested, and swear by ourselves. We only briefly talked about why we love these items in our master

8 Elegant Everyday Fragrances You Can Shop for Under P5000

These scents will definitely earn a top spot in your collection.
Fragrances are one the most personal beauty picks for a reason. Spritz once, and it can give anyone close to you an unspoken statement of who you are. A whiff can also transport your senses to places, invoke deep emotions, and even

This Perfume Hack Will Make Your Signature Scent More Unique

Master the art of scent layering.
If you have a stash of perfume on your vanity, then you probably own popular fragrances like the Chanel N°5, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, and Marc Jacobs Daisy. These perfumes are definitely classics at this point, so it's no wonder why

3 Fresh-Smelling Fragrances That Kris Bernal Is Always Wearing

She calls one of them the perfect fresh-off-the-shower scent!
Kris Bernal doesn't believe in having just one signature scent. She always has at least three fragrances in her rotation, and they're the type that you can smell from a mile away.So why does Kris smell so good? You're now about to