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7 Ways to Style Your Pencil Skirts for the Office

Get the most use out of this tailored staple.
A pencil skirt is a staple in a career woman's wardrobe for a reason. The figure-flattering silhouette never goes out of fashion, and the tailored piece always has a way of looking professional and polished. To help you maximize this wardrobe classic, here

10 Youthful and Effortless Wardrobe Staples You Need Now

Stylish for every age!
You may not be willing to suffer for fashion on the day-to-day—stiletto heels may be too much of a struggle for an ordinary day, and trendy pieces like neon belt bags may not necessarily appeal to you. It's only natural to need

How to Style a Pencil Skirt in and Out of the Office

Anyone can rock them and there are several ways to do it!
Pencil skirts are usually worn in the office, but they can be as versatile as a pair of mom jeans. The general misconception society pertains to is that pencil skirts can only be worn by slim-figured women. However, this isn’t true in

10 Non-Boring Pencil Skirts You Can Wear to the Office

And on weekends, too!
Maybe you prefer shorter hemlines when work hours are over, but consider that the pencil skirt is your best bet for desk-to-drinks dressing sans a change of OOTD! Think about its potential for being just as flirtatious as the mini: you teeter

3 Fun Ways to Wear a Pencil Skirt to Work

No yawning here!
"Boring!" you exclaim when asked about your office-imposed dress code. Well, we're here to tell you that there's sooo much room to play around...long as you try hard enough! Call it a daily style exercise. Below, check out three chic, wearable, work-appropriate

Non-Boring Ways to Wear Pencil Skirts to the Office

We’ve got you covered.
Just because you’re off to the daily grind, doesn’t mean you should go autopilot on your outfits as well. Depending on your company dress code, there are numerous ways to add fashion girl sensibilities to your work wardrobe. Not sure where to

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt, According to Milan Fashion Week

Gucci, Prada, and many more promise they'll look far from boring this 2017.
Dubbed as the working uniform, we're used to seeing pencil skirts shine in the office. But as Milan Fashion Week dictates, the popular skirt silhouette is back on trend. They're reinvented with a few tweaks that make them swing to the right