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Cnn Features Tipay Caintic's "yolanda" Collection

The PEFTA winner gets outstanding recognition for her riveting collection at IFS London 2014.
Super typhoon Yolanda got every Filipino wounded in various forms, but for young designer Tipay Caintic, the pain was, and still is, a lot stronger. Born and raised in Tacloban, the 25-year old experienced the worst tragedy of her life, which fueled her

Pefta Goes To London

Get to know the three PEFTA alumni representing our country for the International Fashion Showcase in London, UK.
We love it when our local designers are going global, and we love it even more when they're part of PEFTA! Since its inception in 2010, the Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards paved the way for a lot of budding designers who

Pefta Update Part 3: Media Mavens

We now bring you the third batch of alumni who are making waves in various media platforms.
PEFTA season just started a few weeks ago and while the new batch is busy working on their collections, we took the time out to get in touch with former finalists to see how they are doing in their design careers. From

Pefta Update Part 2: Retail Hotshots

Learn what’s next after PEFTA from our second batch of alumni.
From designers going global, let’s now talk about the former finalists who were able to score retail collaborations for their wearable designs. Read on as they talk about their PEFTA experience and find out what they have in store for us this

Pefta Update Part 1: Going Global

Take a peek into the design careers of former PEFTA finalists.
Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards, or what we affectionately call PEFTA, was launched in 2010 with a vision to help jumpstart the design careers of fashion students and newbie designers. Every year, a new breed of designers—carefully chosen by Preview editors—are given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Yekky Balingit

Find out more about the sole accessory designer in this year's PEFTA roll call.
How do you feel about being on the PEFTA list this year?Overwhelmed. Happy. Speechless. It was a dream and it came true. I've never imagine myself to be part of the list but I'm more than grateful for the recognition Preview has

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Cherry Veric

The former painter zooms in on womanly curves for his PEFTA 2012 collection.
How do you feel about being on the PEFTA list this year?Happy, humbled, and grateful.Tell us a bit about your background.My original training was in the fine arts. As an undergrad, I was into painting. After college, I worked as a designer

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Pablo Cabahug

A former assistant to one of the country's best designers and show directors, Cabahug now makes his mark on Philippine fashion all on his own.
How do you feel about being on the PEFTA list this year?I am exhilarated and honored to be recognized in this industry by institutions like PEFTA. It confirms their appreciation for my little contribution. I am really grateful and very much appreciative.What

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Anj Calvo

A doll clothes hobbyist segues into real-life fashion design and lands on this year's PEFTA.
How do you feel about being on the PEFTA list this year? It is very surreal up to now. To be chosen by the leading fashion magazine in the country is a great honor. [To do] what you are passionate about as a

Sofa For Pefta

Get the latest rundown on one of the metro's coolest fashion design institutions.
Educating students about fashion since: 2007  Founding directors: Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Loralee Baron-Soong  Known for: Design Thinking and Innovation   Notable faculty: Danilo Franco, Loida Hunter, Gian Romano, Gerry Katigbak, Marina Benipayo, Luis Espiritu, Richard Papa, Amina Aranaz-Alunan, Raymund Isaac, Jackie Aquino, Dean Arch Tobias Guggenheimer,

Pefta 2012 Q&a: James Imperial

Meet one of the finalists from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, whose dreams left the kitchen and went into an atelier.
How do you feel about being a PEFTA finalist this year?It really is a great honor to take part in this prestigious competition. At first I was very hesitant to join because I might not be able to live up to the

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Rex Geronimo

Meet the only finalist from the University of the Philippines, who has a fascination for transforming silhouettes.
How do you feel about being a PEFTA finalist this year?I feel so grateful. I've never thought that I could represent my school in a fashion competition for the first time.What motivated you to study fashion design?I started to design RTW when

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Vince Tolentino

Find out how this talent from SoFA aims to integrate fashion history in his designs for PEFTA.
How do you feel about being a PEFTA finalist this year?First of all, I feel honored to have my portfolio considered. [I'm] also elated, excited, and of course hopeful to be included in the final selection.What motivated you to study fashion design?From

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Danika Navarro

Find out how this fashion blogger and graphic design artist seeks to shift to fashion design.
How do you feel about being a PEFTA finalist this year?I most definitely am thankful—to Preview, to SoFA and to God for the big opportunity. I feel blessed. When I found out I passed as a finalist, I felt so encouraged, motivated,

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Emir Yamamoto

The craft of making clothes is in the blood of this young talent from FIP.
How do you feel about being a PEFTA finalist this year?Honored, happy, humbled, and I am very excited with the knowledge and experience that I will learn throughout this event.What motivated you to study fashion design?When I learned that my grandmother is

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Tipay Caintic

The advertising student-turned-student designer from SoFA tells us all about herself and her dreams for the future.
How do you feel about being a PEFTA finalist this year?Nervous, excited, really grateful, giddy.What motivated you to study fashion design?I've always loved to dress up, dress down, dress differently. I love color, quirky things, drawing, working with my hands. I['ve] loved

Pefta 2012 Q&a: Jaypee Vendiola

Discover how reading comic books led this emerging talent from Slim's into the fashion world.
How do you feel about being a PEFTA finalist this year?Being a PEFTA finalist feels surreal for me. Surreal because I still can't believe that I was able to impress or somehow connect with the judges who screened our entries.What motivated you