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22 Local Designers and Brands Making Everyday Protective Gear

Prepare for the new normal whilst supporting local enterprises.
Fashion always evolves over time. Now that we’ve entered general community quarantine, the way we dress won’t be what it used to be. Protection, healthy, and safety, will be the top priorities when selecting what clothes to wear outside. This is where

5 Reasons To Get Excited About Manila Fame 2019

Fall in love with locally-made pieces even more!
Manila FAME, the country's premier lifestyle and design trade event is back with another edition which is set to open this October 17 and run until October 19 at the World Trade Center in Metro Manila. Manila FAME is known for its

Pauline Juan Is Teaching a Fashion Writing Course at SoFA!

And here's how you can enroll.
It's complicated: you don't want to be the Andy Sachs (i.e. clueless, clumsy, "this stuff"), but at the same time, you do—picture her post-transformation, smart and sleek in sample closet Valentino. If you're ready to take the necessary measures, Preview's former EIC

At What Age Should You Stop Wearing Crop Tops?

Belly up!
The last time I wore a cropped top it was called a half-shirt. I remember that it was long-sleeved, from DKNY and striped black and white (very graphic and so Spring/ Summer 2013, come to think of it). I paired it with

So I Married a Fashionista

"She always knew the appropriate clothes for each occasion."
As the former editor-in-chief of Preview, Pauline Juan has long established her identity as a fashion icon. In her line of work, she is able to predict fashion and through the magazine, she can even dictate fashion. Her love for the industry,

Pauline Suaco-Juan: A Champion of Filipino Artistry

We raise our glass to the ultimate #ImAPreviewGirl!
The memories I have from my job interview with Pauline Suaco-Juan are still as vivid as if it just happened yesterday. I was applying for an editorial assistant position for Style Bible, but the way she made me turn around to get