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Patrice Ramos-diaz Does Ready-to-wear

The designer moves on to the next phase of her career: doing RTW lounge and active wear for a health-conscious lifestyle.
We found out late last year that Patrice Ramos-Diaz is shifting to a more sporty aesthetic with her Summer 2012 collection for Fashion Watch. During the interview for the show, she revealed to us that she has "slowed down with work" and

Fashion Watch Summer 2011: Patrice Ramos-diaz

Sensible style for an active lifestyle.
Patrice Ramos-Diaz is one busy woman. With very important shoes to fill as a mother and a designer, this lady is very much aware of the sartorial needs busy women of her kind need—comfortable clothes that are stylish yet easy enough to

Fashion Watch 2011: Patrice Ramos-diaz

Cotton scraps upcycled from chic street pieces to ultra-wearable, minimalist luxe wear.
Patrice Ramos-Diaz divulged to us in a sit-down interview that she's taking a break from the couture/custom-order biz to expand on the less demanding prêt-à-porter side of her trade. Having spent well over a decade in the fashion design industry, the break

Green Couture

Eleven designers showcase their design prowess with recyclable materials.
Fashion becomes all the more fun when it involves a good cause. Jewelry designer Candy Dizon (of Jul B. Dizon Jewellery) spearheaded the recently held Green Couture fashion show at the Manila Peninsula in collaboration with Manila Waldorf School to raise funds

Personal Stylist: Designer + Rtw

Louis Claparols, Patrice Ramos-Diaz and Randy Ortiz take work wear up a notch.
There’s a fine line between office-appropriate and boring. Fortunately, work wear has evolved with the times, evolving from strictly business and stiff—and boring—uniforms to completely cosmopolitan. On another note, we’re not entirely turning our back on the democratic style of a well-tailored

Patrice Ramos-diaz For Viseversa

Viseversa's new Creative Director reinvigorates career dressing for the work-driven Filipina.
For the past two decades, career-driven Filipinas have trusted workwear brand Viseversa to provide them with stylish and functional ensembles to don as they go from their day-to-day activities whilst ascending the corporate ladder. This holiday season, the local retail brand is

Martish's First

Davao-based boutique celebrates its first year anniversary.
In the middle of the bustling City in Bloom, Davao, sits this quaint little fashion house, home to select designers and retail brands. Martish, which is the combination of the name of the owners, Marga Nograles and Tisha Ang, houses pieces by