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How to Get a Second Passport

First, check here if you're eligible to apply.
The mere mention of a second passport sparks a number of questions, from how much it costs to how long it takes to get one. First things first: A potential applicant must know if he or she is eligible to apply for one.Knowing

65 Countries Philippine Passport Holders Can Visit Without a Visa

Imagine the possibilities!
The Philippines is now the seventh most powerful country when it comes to passport ranking in Southeast Asia, according to the 2018 Henley Passport Index released on May 22 by Henley & Partners—a residence and citizenship planning firm headquartered in New Jersey.

11 Tricks to Looking Good in Your Passport Photo

Treat it like a photoshoot.
When news broke that Philippines passports will now be valid for 10 years, we only had one thing on our minds: our passport photos. Because if we'll be stuck with one for an entire decade, then only a flawless one will do

The World’s Most Powerful Passports and Their Perks

See where the Philippine passport ranks on the list.
All passports are not created equal. The measure of a passport’s power lies in the mobility it allows its holders. An annual index ranks passports according to the number of countries they allow you to enter visa-free. One country has been taking the most

The Top 57 Passports in the World

Find out where your passport ranks.
Ever wondered how powerful your passport is? The website collected data from 199 territories around the world based on research from sources available to the public and from their respective government agencies. See below the power rankings and the number of