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Why You Should Watch the Fantasy Romance K-Drama "Doom at Your Service"

It stars Strong Girl Bong-Soon actress Park Bo Young and Reply 1997’s Seo In Guk!
Doom at Your Service is the new drama in town that’s been raking a lot of positive ratings from viewers. Anyone with a penchant for fantasy dramas, like the hit 2016 series Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin), should definitely give

The Exact Retro-Inspired Refrigerators We've Spotted on K-Dramas

Looking for the perfect fridge for your retro kitchen?
Kitchens in K-dramas are always on point when it comes to their interior designs and color schemes. The biggest defining kitchen item, though, is their choice of modern refrigerators in all the colors you could possibly imagine. So, if you’re on a

10 Korean Actors Who Sang the OST to Their Own Shows

We love these multi-talented personalities.
Ever wonder which of your favorite K-Drama actors have done double-duty on their own shows? We got you covered. Below, we list down 10 hallyu kings and queens who've demonstrated their versaility not just onscreen, but in the recording studio as well.Kim

10 Food-Themed K-Dramas You Need to Watch Right Now

Ready for a marathon?
If you think K-dramas are just all about the romance, then you thought wrong! In fact, Korean dramas put a spotlight on their culture through these shows. One evident proof here is how much we salivate over their eating scenes. Remember when