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9 Easy OOTD Ideas For Wearing Pants to Your Christmas Parties

You don't always need a dress to look dressed up!
Fact: Not everyone is a fan of wearing dresses or skirts. And, if you happen to relate, here are nine ways you can live in your cozy pants for all your holiday parties ahead—while still looking dressy.Repurpose the suit by mixing and matching the separates with the

15 Cool Ways to Style Your Black Slacks Outside the Office

They're free to leave your work desk, FYI!
The scenarios you most likely associate with the sombre row of black slacks hanging in your wardrobe: (1) a dreaded Monday meeting; (2) the never-ending Wednesday workload; (3) the tall stack of looming Friday deadlines you're positively dying to escape. Tough call,

Corduroy Pants Are What You Need To Upgrade Your Style Right Now

It's a must-have for the colder months.
The resurgence of '90s style has reached new heights with the combination of two elements: corduroy pants and the wide-leg. If you've hit the stores recently, then this probably isn't news to you. But, for the uninformed, loose pants are the newest

5 Styling Tricks That Will Make You Look Taller in Pants

You don't always have to settle for skinny jeans!
You don't need to ditch your flats on days when you want to look taller. Heels aren't the only way to add a few inches to your height (visually, at least). There are certain types of pants, for example, that can visually elongate one's frame. Try out

Yes, You Can Wear Colored Jeans in 2018 and Here’s How

Forget the dated, circa 2008 way.
Colored jeans are a thing of the past, you're saying. I am so not reliving the shudder-inducing aughts, you're saying. Will you quit talking for a sec and lend us an ear? Tinted denim is back, and it's taken some brand new

10 Chic Pairs of Wide-Leg Jeans You Can Shop Right Now

For when those skinnies just wont cut it.
We keep cajoling you to do it, but it's really about time you did: Give those skinny jeans a rest, please! Go big or go home in one (or, you know, all) of these roomy, current picks we're 100% loving.IMAGE CopperCopper Slit

Trend Update: Khaki Pants are Totally Back

Fashion update!
We, ladies, always steal fashion inspo from the boys, and the Spring/Summer 2018 season is no exception! Behold: the humble khaki trouser's triumphant comeback via the menswear runways over at JW Anderson, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fendi, and Hermès. Now, we know it's only 2017, and

5 Chic Ways to Wear Pants to a Wedding

Dressed up, but not in a dress.
Chances are you've been invited to way more weddings than you can possibly keep track of, and that one seemingly failproof dress is starting to look really, really familiar to everyone in the room. Yikes—we can't all be Astrid Leong! Whether you're

8 Fresh Ways to Style Your Skinny Jeans

Time for an update!
We dare declare that skinny jeans are never going out of style—it all depends on how you wear them! While the past few seasons have seen a meteoric rise in public affection for denim flares, wide-leg jeans, and even the classic straight

How to Wear the Dress-Over-Pants Trend

Hop into those trousers!
Chances are, you've never thought about throwing a dress over your pants—that is, not unless the aforementioned skirt is too short and you need a little something tucked underneath to make it office-appropriate. We're being intentional here, though! Rocking the frock-and-trousers combo

The Different Types of Denim Silhouettes

Dissect the jean pool.
When it comes to denim, miscommunications are pretty common. Imagine this scenario: You could be shopping for a new pair of slim-cut pants, and a saleslady directs you to a rack of skinny jeans. What's the difference, you ask? Does it even

3 Ways to Wear Work Trousers

For your Monday morning outfit inspo.
Mornings are hard. But thinking of what to wear on a morning can sometimes be more taxing than you think. What's 10 more minutes in bed, right? But we here at Preview care about imparting some fashion wisdom to our readers, especially

A Girl's Guide To Caring For Denim

Great jeans are rare gems so best take care of yours.
Great jeans are hard to come by. Yes, there may be a ton of selections offered in the market, but finding a pair that fits like a glove and comes in the right wash is a rare occurrence.Like you, we care greatly

How To Wear Tailored Trousers

We're borrowing from the boys yet again.
On the topic of man-repelling and boyfriend jeans, one other item we love stealing from the boys is a dandy old pair of tailored trousers. Yves Saint Laurent popularized the menswear-inspired look when he created the Le Smoking suit and since then,

Man-repeller Vs. Man-pleaser: Skinny Jeans Vs. Boyfriend Jeans

James Reid, Chino Lui Pio, Champ Lui Pio, and LA Aguinaldo spill the beans on what they like better on girls.
A girl who loves fashion knows very well that she dresses to please no other but herself. But easy as it may seem to brush off side comments, it’s hard not to wonder what male counterparts think of those man-repelling/man-pleasing pieces of

Denim Glossary: The Jean Rise For Your Body Type

We explain the different rises and what it can do for you.
Rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. In the world of retail, there are only three types that you should care about: the high-rise, mid-rise, and the low-rise. Before we begin, we