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11 Effortless and Laidback Ways to Wear Denim Jeans

Here are some style tips for your classic closet staple!
Has there ever been a more versatile item in our closets than a pair of denim jeans? We didn’t think so. A mainstay in everyone’s wardrobe, denim jeans are the go-to item to pair with a cute top on those days when

These Pairs of Pants Will Instantly Elevate Your OOTDs

Going out doesn’t mean we have to pick between comfort or style.
We don’t get to go out as much as before, and as tempting it is to grab groceries in our pambahay, sometimes we just miss dressing up. Enter the wardrobe staple: Pants. They are versatile pieces in our wardrobe that come in

8 Stylish Ways to Wear Baggy Jeans, As Seen on Local Influencers

Learn some style tips from your fave Insta-girls!
Don’t get us wrong, we will always love a pant that automatically gives us a curvy silhouette, but baggy jeans have been on the rise for quite a time now and we’re sure they won’t be going out of style anytime soon. As

These Are Kathryn Bernardo's 10 Sexiest and Most Stylish Outfits in Pants

Because the actress can make any pair of pants look so so good.
Kathryn Bernardo's personal style has definitely come into its own in recent years. Though the actress started out her career wearing frilly dresses and pastels that are stereotypical 'fits for leading ladies, Kath has since broken the mold and found her non-negotiable

5 Types of Pants That Are as Versatile as Your Office Slacks

They go well with both your office looks and casual OOTDs!
As versatile as your office trousers are, it's not the only one of its kind. In fact, having other equally hardworking pieces in your closet could work to your advantage, because 1) you won't be wearing your favorite slacks to death, and

9 Easy OOTD Ideas For Wearing Pants to Your Christmas Parties

You don't always need a dress to look dressed up!
Fact: Not everyone is a fan of wearing dresses or skirts. And, if you happen to relate, here are nine ways you can live in your cozy pants for all your holiday parties ahead—while still looking dressy.Repurpose the suit by mixing and matching the separates with the

15 Cool Ways to Style Your Black Slacks Outside the Office

They're free to leave your work desk, FYI!
The scenarios you most likely associate with the sombre row of black slacks hanging in your wardrobe: (1) a dreaded Monday meeting; (2) the never-ending Wednesday workload; (3) the tall stack of looming Friday deadlines you're positively dying to escape. Tough call,

Corduroy Pants Are What You Need To Upgrade Your Style Right Now

It's a must-have for the colder months.
The resurgence of '90s style has reached new heights with the combination of two elements: corduroy pants and the wide-leg. If you've hit the stores recently, then this probably isn't news to you. But, for the uninformed, loose pants are the newest

5 Styling Tricks That Will Make You Look Taller in Pants

You don't always have to settle for skinny jeans!
You don't need to ditch your flats on days when you want to look taller. Heels aren't the only way to add a few inches to your height (visually, at least). There are certain types of pants, for example, that can visually elongate one's frame. Try out

Yes, You Can Wear Colored Jeans in 2018 and Here’s How

Forget the dated, circa 2008 way.
Colored jeans are a thing of the past, you're saying. I am so not reliving the shudder-inducing aughts, you're saying. Will you quit talking for a sec and lend us an ear? Tinted denim is back, and it's taken some brand new

10 Chic Pairs of Wide-Leg Jeans You Can Shop Right Now

For when those skinnies just wont cut it.
We keep cajoling you to do it, but it's really about time you did: Give those skinny jeans a rest, please! Go big or go home in one (or, you know, all) of these roomy, current picks we're 100% loving.IMAGE CopperCopper Slit

Trend Update: Khaki Pants are Totally Back

Fashion update!
We, ladies, always steal fashion inspo from the boys, and the Spring/Summer 2018 season is no exception! Behold: the humble khaki trouser's triumphant comeback via the menswear runways over at JW Anderson, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fendi, and Hermès. Now, we know it's only 2017, and

5 Chic Ways to Wear Pants to a Wedding

Dressed up, but not in a dress.
Chances are you've been invited to way more weddings than you can possibly keep track of, and that one seemingly failproof dress is starting to look really, really familiar to everyone in the room. Yikes—we can't all be Astrid Leong! Whether you're