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Where to Buy Cute Pajamas That You Can Wear All Day Long

Spending most of your days in PJs lately? Same.
Looking for cute pajama sets that won't break the bank? Pajama Party PH has a wide selection of PJ styles, from shirt-and-shorts combo to buttondown-and-long pants sets—in a variety of cute prints and colors. Price range is from P280 to P480.Dainty Doll

Here's Where to Get Silky Soft and Affordable Sleepwear

Sleep in style!
Nighttime routines are ritualistic to a woman. It’s a necessity to unwind after a long day—whether that means completing an elaborate 100-step skincare routine or eating a scoop of ice cream as you tuck yourself into a Netflix binge-watching marathon.Of course, we

14 Beautiful Pajama Sets You'll Love Sleeping In

Sweet dreams!
Trust us: nothing beats a good night's sleep, so why not make snoozing an altogether more decadent experience by snuggling up in a premium pair of PJs? Below, we give you 14 of our favorites. You can bet the bedbugs won't bite!

LOTD: Here's How You Can Wear Pajamas Outside the Bedroom

Take your loungewear to the streets.
We're still not quite over the lazy dressing trend yet (who is, anyway?); it's comfortable, chic, and effortless all at the same time. And now with the ultimate trendsetter Olivia Palermo giving us tips on how to take our pajamas out on

What the Stars Wear to Sleep

See the celebs in their pajamas.
Have you ever wondered what the stars wear to sleep? For sure, they still twinkle just as bright. But do they sport just an old shirt paired with lounge drawstring shorts, or striped PJs, or night gowns maybe? We scoured the world

Hot Right Now: Pajama Pants

Can't seem to fit into your jeans? We present this season's chicest alternative.
Looking for the perfect pair of pants for your body shape can be quite frustrating, especially in the jeans department. It’s either too tight, too baggy, too long, or too uncomfortable. Call it minor girl problems, but really, it is a major