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The Lady in Amorsolo’s Unfinished Painting is Vicki Belo’s Mother

Scarlet Snow has a lookalike in another portrait too.
The National Museum finally confirmed the identity of the woman in an unfinished portrait by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo. The woman turned out to be Florencia “Nena” Singson Gonzalez-Belo, the mother of Vicki Belo.The painting by Amorsolo has been sitting in National Museum of

Solenn Heussaff Shares the Stories Behind Her Paintings

There's definitely more to her art than meets the eye.
Kalsada is only Solenn Heussaff's second art exhibit and yet she already thinks it'll be a difficult one to top. The gallery couldn't be any more different than her first, both in execution and inspiration. Because while she stuck to her forte

How This Artist Rose Above Her Experience from Sexual Abuse

Meet Sarah Geneblazo.
Artist Sarah Geneblazo describes her work as “realistic, contemporary, feminist and personal.” “My works are personal, and the personal is political.” Sarah suffered from sexual abuse near her home, and through her dark and poignant paintings, she seeks to remove the pain

Kylie Padilla Opens Up About Her Love for Painting

Check out some of her artwork here.
I love painting. I didn’t go to art school (although I’ve always wanted to), so I studied how to paint on my own. I find it interesting that, what you learn in life, you can also apply in art. Which is why,

Art Gallery Hopping on the S/S 2017 Runways

Fashion imitates art.
Designers were nowhere near short of inspiration this Spring-Summer 2017, curating their collections by way of the world's most priceless, most iconic artworks. We take you on a sartorial tour of the season's museum-worthy pieces, no entrance fee required.1. Hellenic: Mary KatrantzouCombining

Solenn Heussaff Talks About Her First Solo Art Exhibit

See what else is in store for the exhibit.
If you follow the multi-talented Solenn Heussaff on Instagram, then you probably know she's a very creative person. Well, around this time next month you'll get to see the fruits of her creative labor. From April 8 to May 8, you'll get

Here's A Pg-rated Excuse To Watch 50 Shades Of Grey

We came - for the art.
There was a bit of overkill in the various positions that the characters of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson tried out inside Mr. Grey’s playroom, but on a recent viewing of  Fifty Shades of Grey, we did take away a few cultural notes