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Here's Where You Can Buy Oxford Shoes Especially Made for Women

These are shoes made for walking!
I've always been dumfounded by how difficult it is to find oxford shoes for women, having personally scoured through malls myself in order to find the perfect pair to go with my collection of trousers. I'm talking about genuine leather oxfords that

These Entrepreneurs Started a Shoe Business with Almost No Capital

Meet the makers of Marquina Shoemaker.
We live in an age where you can start a business on Instagram, sell clothes on apps like Carousell and Shopee, and even put your properties on sale on OLX. But these guys were different.Juancho del Rosario, Kayne Litonjua, and Patrick Kahn created Marquina Shoemaker, a

3 Flatforms That Add Height Without Sacrificing Style

Sometimes you just need a break from heels.
Switching up your shoe game with footwear that isn't a stiletto is not only rehabilitating for your feet; it'll also give you a chance to broaden your horizons with height-adding shoes. In fact, platform shoes are equally as effective in making any

A Girl's Guide To Men's Shoes

Truth be told, understanding men's shoes is far easier than understanding actual men.
Brogues and oxfords are two different terms most of us are guilty of using loosely when referring to men’s dress shoes. Let’s face it; as much as we love to borrow these from the boys, half the time we’re hardly able to

10 Most Iconic Shoes That We Love

Here's a list of statement footwear that we went gaga for through the years.
Trends come and go, but there are some that stay for decades and become iconic pieces. Considered as the most important accessory to any outfit, shoes have been and will always be a girl’s best friend—it’s way cheaper than diamonds, and can