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All the Cute Ways You Can Repeat Clothes, As Seen on Ashley Garcia

Take it from Ashley and snag a tip or two about repeating clothes from her cop-worthy OOTDs.
There's been an outdated distaste for repeating clothes in the world of fashion, especially for relevant public figures—which, in today's world meant fashion influencers or celebrities—who are often hailed as outfit pegs and style inspos. But regular people like us do it

Here's Why Gretchen Barretto Isn't Ashamed of Repeating Outfits

"It's a blessing to be able to wear clothes that you wore 10 years, 15, 20 years back."
Gretchen Barretto does not mind being called an outfit repeater. For celebrities like her who are regularly seen on Instagram, eagle-eyed netizens can easily nitpick on details, most especially, OOTDs.Besides, the actress-socialite has a huge walk-in closet filled with luxury clothes, bags,

This Is the Exact Gucci Top That Kate Middleton Keeps Wearing Backwards

The Duchess of Cambridge is caught outfit-repeating again and we love her for it!
It’s no secret that Kate Middleton is a serial outfit repeater. The Duchess of Cambridge has always had a knack for recycling her favorite outfits and we love her for it! And because she’s constantly in the public eye, it rarely escapes

Kate Middleton Makes a Case for Outfit-Repeating at This Year's BAFTA Awards

The academy asked guests to dress sustainably.
Red carpet events typically have us seeing our favorite celebrities in custom designer gowns, but this year’s British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) took a turn for the sustainable route. For its 73rd annual awards, it asked attendees to “dress sustainably.” Naturally, BAFTA's president, Prince

5 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress, According to Laureen Uy

It's super easy!
Contrary to popular belief, even celebrities and influencers repeat clothes! But hold your gasps—it's not entirely a new thing nor is it a daunting task. Even you can easily do so by being creative with your styling. Laureen Uy has three easy

You Have to See How Anna Wintour Repeated Her Old Met Gala Outfit

She re-wore her 2011 Chanel dress to the British Fashion Awards.
Helming a fashion magazine calls for its editors to have a certain image—and this is especially true when you're running Vogue. You're expected to be ahead of the trends, to tote the latest It bag, and to wear the coolest shoe of

How To Avoid Buying Clothes You'll Only Wear Once

Your wallet will thank you!
If you're staring at a closet full of clothes and thinking you have nothing to wear, it could either mean that you're in need of some style inspiration or you have way too many pieces that you don't wear. Here are a few things to keep in mind if

Lovi Poe Is a Proud Outfit Repeater and Here's Why

Tips from a practical shopper!
One thing Lovi Poe has in mind whenever she shops for clothes is she has to be able to wear them more than once. People who like posting OOTDs on social media seldom repeat their outfits, but the 29-year-old actress doesn't mind, wearing

How to Wear the Same Outfit Twice, According to These Celebs

Make the most out of your clothes!
Despite being under the spotlight almost all the time, celebrities like Iza Calzado, Martine Cajucom, and Georgina Wilson prove that it's okay to repeat outfits. After all, there's no point in spending your hard-earned cash over an ensemble you'll only wear once,

What's So Bad About Repeating Clothes?

Two years ago, when I started working at Preview, I tend to always end my Sunday evenings with a ritual: It starts with me spending a good hour in front of my closet, looking at the clothes I have, and planning my outfits

5 Local Bloggers Who Have Mastered the Art of Outfit Repeating

Their OOTDs are proof.
Outfit repeating is great. It's a fantastic way to establish your personal style—and, more economically, it just isn't sensible to wear a piece of clothing only once. Even some of Manila's best dressed girls acknowledge the fact, and here's proof: we've rounded

5 Ladies Who Aren't Afraid to Repeat Clothes on Instagram

And still slay their looks.
Instagram can be a place for bright, shiny new things. But with this new year, there's something we should give more of our attention to: Fashion consumption and the environment. Don't get us wrong: We love our fast fashion. But with that

LOTD: Mari Jasmine Is Mastering the Art of Outfit Repeating

She's gone public about it!
Few people take outfit repeating as seriously as Mari Jasmine. No, we're totally serious—she's even made an Instagram hashtag to help track down all the clothes she's worn several times over! Introducing Mari's #WardrobeRehash.It's a novel idea, to be honest. You can

5 Creative Ways to Re-Wear Your Bridesmaid's Dress

Get crafty!
If you're lucky enough to have a simple, versatile old bridesmaid's dress lying around, chances are you've worn it to countless other weddings and events after the original one. That's cool and all (and kudos to your bride friend for picking a

5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Statement Dress

Because it's not just for special occasions!
Our hands-down favorite fashion habit has got to be outfit repeating. No, seriously. How else is a girl supposed to make the most out of her best pieces? Still, we all have that one dress we just can't seem to wear more than

How to Wear One Dress to Five Different Weddings

Problem solved.
Sure, you've worn your go-to stilettos or carried your favorite clutch to countless weddings, but a dress? No way. You know what they say: photos tend to outlive everyone in them, and you are not an outfit repeater.Why not, though? Fun fact:

Outfit Repeating 101: Your 10-Piece Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Make the most of your glammed-up party threads.
It's the holidays and you barely have time for anything, much less for sitting in front of your closet wailing "what am I going to wear?!" We hear you loud and clear, girls. Below, five outfits we've styled with just ten pieces