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No Filter Since 1969: How We're Won Over by the Irrepressible Gloria Diaz

We turned to the former Miss Universe for motherly advice. We got that and more.
“Well, that’s my daughter who put that! I’m wondering nga how she put that eh.”Legendary beauty queen, respected performer, and two-year-old Instagram user Gloria Diaz shakes her head in disbelief at how her eldest daughter Belle Daza-Semblat took over her Instagam and typed

Gloria Diaz Gives the Best Life Advice in the Universe

This mom knows best.
Gloria Diaz is undoubtedly as opinionated as she is a super mom. If you still don't believe in the saying that "mothers know best," then this former Miss Universe is bound to convince you. Heed our warning: She's pretty persuasive! Watch our

On Social Media Fakes and Copycats

Is internet really the place where creativity dies?
On a scale of one to 10, how original are you?Say, when you bought your first tube of liquid lipstick, did Kylie Jenner’s infamously pouty lips have anything to do with your decision to make that purchase? Can you swear on your