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5 Important Things We Learned from "All of Us Are Dead"

Warning: spoilers ahead!
There has been no shortage of zombie-related content lately, thanks in part to the influx of Netflix releases. A new entry to the Philippines' Top 10 the past week is the Korean series All Of Us Are Dead, which centers around a

5 Invaluable Life Lessons We Learned from Disney’s "Encanto"

"Encanto" is a tender and colorful ode to the magic of family and community healing.
It has been weeks since the release of Disney Animation Studios’ musical fantasy film Encanto, and it’s still unlikely for social media users not to find daily content about it. The soundtrack favorite, We Don’t Talk About Bruno, whose numbers snagged the fourth

We Need to Talk About This Scene on "Now, We Are Breaking Up" and Here's Why

The K-drama is exposing the horrors of plagiarism in the fashion world.
Fashion-loving K-Drama fans are in for a treat with Song Hye Kyo’s latest melodrama Now, We Are Breaking Up, which premiered last November 12 on Viu. The series finds its heroine in Hye Kyo’s character, Ha Young-eun, a top-notch designer from an esteemed

6 Important Life Lessons I Learned After the "Nevertheless" Finale

There's a lot more to this K-drama than just romance.
Whether you’re Team Potato or Team Butterfly, there’s no denying that JTBC’s Nevertheless is a drama jam-packed with noteworthy life lessons down to its ending. No, I’m not just talking about the warnings you need to look out for in a romantic

Why Are We Still Talking About Angel Locsin's Weight Gain?

It's not the first time her photos have surfaced online, yet people are still not done giving unsolicited comments about her body.
Back in June 2020, Angel Locsin went viral on social media for a reason that’s not at all related to her humanitarian efforts amid the COVID-19 crisis. The 35-year-old actress—who has been preoccupied with raising funds for mass testing and setting up

The Ugly Truth About Today's Call-Out Culture

The Internet is a double-edged sword—it can either protect a victim or create another one.
What is call-out culture? According to Forbes, it is “a term which defines the social phenomenon of publicly denouncing perceived racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry.” That’s it in a nutshell, but if you’re still finding that definition a little too vague,

We Need to Talk About This Viral Fashion Editorial on OFWs

Can fashion be a means to discuss more serious topics?
Fashion editorials can be more than just a set of pretty pictures. They can elicit emotions and inspire the viewer, spark a discussion or debate, and even bring to light certain topics that need more awareness. The other day on Twitter, a

Here's What We Can All Learn from Sarah Geronimo’s Breakdown

The pop queen's outburst was a cry for help.
Performing at a sold-out arena here and abroad is nothing new for 29-year-old pop superstar Sarah Geronimo. And yet, something was amiss when she took the Las Vegas stage last weekend.Clearly exhausted and sleepless from a grueling tour schedule, Sarah broke down

Shame on You, Fat Shamer

Only an ignorant person would resort to fat shaming as a means of motivation.
It’s stunning how often other people feel as though they have every right to our bodies. Not every form of assault on a woman is inherently sexual in nature, but there is one form that uniquely attaches itself to social convention: how

Why You Should Care Less About Other People’s Plastic Surgery

And why you should stop making snide remarks about it, too.
Let me just start by saying this: In the beauty world, plastic surgery is a topic that’s enjoyed. Not the usual who’s-done-what or who-did-whose-nose gossip fodder, but more of "what’s your plastic surgery fantasy," with a side of which of the reputable

Why Being a Single Mom Should Never Be a Laughing Matter

Pardon us, Sen. Tito Sotto, but we totally missed your punch line.
It might have been an homage to the uncouth past. Or maybe, it was a failed attempt at cleverness from a source painfully empty of wit.Regardless, I refuse to accept that the reason I take offense is because I am overly sensitive,

Here's Why Even a "Fat Chick" Deserves to Wear a Bikini

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
When I was a little girl, I remember being told that I would be more beautiful if I lost a significant amount of weight. It should be well and duly noted that term used was “beautiful,” not healthy or fit, or a