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The Ugly Truth About Today's Call-Out Culture

The Internet is a double-edged sword—it can either protect a victim or create another one.
What is call-out culture? According to Forbes, it is “a term which defines the social phenomenon of publicly denouncing perceived racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry.” That’s it in a nutshell, but if you’re still finding that definition a little too vague,

We Need to Talk About This Viral Fashion Editorial on OFWs

Can fashion be a means to discuss more serious topics?
Fashion editorials can be more than just a set of pretty pictures. They can elicit emotions and inspire the viewer, spark a discussion or debate, and even bring to light certain topics that need more awareness. The other day on Twitter, a

Here's What We Can All Learn from Sarah Geronimo’s Breakdown

The pop queen's outburst was a cry for help.
Performing at a sold-out arena here and abroad is nothing new for 29-year-old pop superstar Sarah Geronimo. And yet, something was amiss when she took the Las Vegas stage last weekend.Clearly exhausted and sleepless from a grueling tour schedule, Sarah broke down

Shame on You, Fat Shamer

Only an ignorant person would resort to fat shaming as a means of motivation.
It’s stunning how often other people feel as though they have every right to our bodies. Not every form of assault on a woman is inherently sexual in nature, but there is one form that uniquely attaches itself to social convention: how

Why You Should Care Less About Other People’s Plastic Surgery

And why you should stop making snide remarks about it, too.
Let me just start by saying this: In the beauty world, plastic surgery is a topic that’s enjoyed. Not the usual who’s-done-what or who-did-whose-nose gossip fodder, but more of "what’s your plastic surgery fantasy," with a side of which of the reputable

Why Being a Single Mom Should Never Be a Laughing Matter

Pardon us, Sen. Tito Sotto, but we totally missed your punch line.
It might have been an homage to the uncouth past. Or maybe, it was a failed attempt at cleverness from a source painfully empty of wit.Regardless, I refuse to accept that the reason I take offense is because I am overly sensitive,

Here's Why Even a "Fat Chick" Deserves to Wear a Bikini

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
When I was a little girl, I remember being told that I would be more beautiful if I lost a significant amount of weight. It should be well and duly noted that term used was “beautiful,” not healthy or fit, or a