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How to Pose Better in Photos

Take better OOTDs!
A great outfit is only half the battle when it comes to acing Insta-worthy photos. You also need to know how to work your body and master your angles, which are necessary to avoid taking a bajillion snaps only to settle with

How to Pose While Showing Off Different Parts of Your Outfit

Shine the spotlight on your favorite element.
The goal is to look flawless from head-to-toe, of course, but there are some days when a certain detail of your OOTD is worth zooming in on. Whether it's a statement shoe or a spangly, boulder-sized earring, we've rounded up a few

10 Creative Ways to Hide Your Face in an OOTD Shot

For when your outfit's on point, but your makeup might not be.
It's an old saying, but a girl just can't always have it all—some days your outfit's on point, but your face just isn't cooperating (due to a breakout or stress-induced eye luggage, most likely). Find yourself in this all-too-familiar sitch? Allow us

7 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your OOTD

You don't need to break a sweat to score an A+ in the fashion game.
There are a lot of dilemmas that a girl experiences when putting together an outfit. From the all-time favorite 'I have nothing to wear!' to 'which pair of shoes looks best with this jeans?', the list is endless. One common fashion predicament