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We Found the Perfect Smartphone That Can Take Low Light OOTDs

And it's totally affordable!
We fashion girls know that the secret to a well-liked Instagram photo is a combination of great editing skills and a quality camera. But if you’re not into buying a separate pro camera for your travel and outfit photos, getting yourself a

5 Beautiful Vertical Gardens Perfect as Backdrop for Your OOTD

Let your outfits bloom against these gorgeous walls!
Searching for luxuriant foliage that can serve as backdrops for your next OOTD this summer? Then, these aesthetic vertical gardens at various restaurants will amp up your Instagram feed! Plan your next photoshoots and food trips with your chic friends at these

Hidden Pretty Walls in BGC Perfect for Your IG #OOTD

Some places to hit to make your feed fresh again!
Looking to up your Instagram game? Here’s something we all know to be true: Half of what makes a perfect shot, is the perfect spot. Scroll through your feed, and you’re bound to come across an instaworthy wall of BGC. There are

This Cool New App Will Animate Your Summer OOTDs

BRB, downloading!
Amidst the Kira Kira and Boomerang posts all over Instagram, there's a cool new app you can use on your OOTDs to stand out. Plotaverse offers animation that will make any background come to life.One of the first few who discovered it

How to Shoot Your OOTDs Against Light Installations

Ace that pic!
There are many light installations around the metro that are definitely a feast for the eyes. Bringing out the festive mood anywhere we go, holiday light installations provide a cool backdrop for double tap-inducing OOTDs. But getting that shot can be tricky,

8 Local Spots with Pretty Pastel Backdrops for Your OOTDs

Time to plan your outfits!
We're always on the hunt for good OOTD spots, so if your current feed calls for a pastel paradise, then you're in luck. Below, we've rounded up eight colorful places around the metro where you can snap your OOTDs! Tag a friend

3 Handy Cameras Perfect for Your OOTDs

Say goodbye to grainy phone photos!
Fashion girls are familiar with the struggle of taking OOTDs. From carefully choosing your outfit to posing against the perfect background and waiting for the right amount of light, it takes a lot of work to get one photo right. But half

5 Spots for the Perfect #OOTD Shots in Hong Kong

Discover their colorful murals and beautiful architecture!
Hong Kong is mostly known for its night markets and shopping districts. Tourists flock to cute cafes and clothing stores just to get the most insta-worthy photos, but locals secretly gravitate more toward murals and architecture. Discover some of their favorite spots

6 OOTD Spots in UP Diliman

New backdrop alert!
The Oblation, Mang Larry’s famous isaw, Rodic’s tapsilog, and the distinctive Sablay—these are the usual trademarks that pop up in anyone’s head whenever they hear about the University of the Philippines. But there is actually more to the country’s premier university than

6 Parking Lots You Can Shoot Your OOTDs In

In case you’ve had enough of white walls.
Social media can sometimes be quite paradoxical. On one hand, most people who have joined the phenomenon utilize their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a way to express themselves. It’s an avenue that empowers the users to voice out their opinions freely

Instagram Hacks: Creative Backgrounds

How to shoot the perfect OOTD against scenic creative spaces
If you've grown tired of using a plain white wall as your OOTD default background and want to try something else a little more "busy" or "lively", but haven't really gotten the hang of  shooting yourself against your new fun BG, here

3 Local Instagram-Worthy Cafés

Because you'll always need a new BG for your next #OOTD.
If you're looking for new table tops and backgrounds to shoot your next flatlay or OOTD, here are three cafes you might want to check out. Trust us, they're worthy of an IG post. Restock (@restockph)7635 Guijo St., MakatiFilled with quirky thingamabobs and

The Best Instagram Backgrounds For Your Next #OOTD

Because it's not only about what you wear, but where you take the picture.
After sifting through the IG feeds of some of our favorite fashion girls, here are seven stylish backdrops we discovered for your #OOTD needs.1. Green hedgeThis backdrop is making it hard to resist double-tapping on The Blonde Salad’s nature-inspired outfit posts.2. Brick