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10 Stylish Hair Color Combinations to Try If You Want to Change Your Look

From subtle hair color mixes to bold ombrés, here are some dye formulas you can’t help but try!
Is it time for you to refresh your ‘do with a new color? If you’ve been dyeing (pun intended) for a change, may we suggest some hair color combinations that will transform your haircut? Though there’s nothing wrong with a simple one-color dye

10 Dreamy Rose Gold Hair Colors That Look Stunning on Everyone

It's not your ordinary pink hue.
While subtle makeovers hold a special place in our hearts, there's nothing quite like a bold and daring hair transformation. There are a lot of colors for your to choose from, but if you are looking for an incredibly chic and feminine

10 Stunning Balayage Hair Color Ideas for a Subtle Makeover

It's the best way to cop lighter, low-maintenance locks!
When you spot someone with two-toned hair that doesn't look like an ombré or your foil highlights, chances are, they had a balayage. This coloring technique is a combination of those two styles, and it's very popular for achieving a natural-looking blend.

10 Flattering Hair Color Ideas If You Want to Finally Try the Ombre Trend

Want to try this trendy hair color? Here are some cool pegs to cop!
Sometimes, a new hair color can make all the difference. Whether you simply want a new look, need a confidence boost, or want your hair to reflect your personality, picking the right color can achieve all that and more. One trend that’s

10 Flattering Hair Color Ideas for Girls with Short Hair

These are the best shades to pair with your short 'do!
Whatever your reason is for chopping off your locks for a shorter ‘do, there is something undeniably fun and youthful about having short hair. Whether you opt for a modest lob, a chic chin-length bob, or a spunky pixie cut, short hair

Abbey Lee's Pastel Hair Is Still on Point

A stick-to-it-ive-ness that we like.
Tumblr girls everywhere will have a major #throwback moment when they see model/singer/actress Abbey Lee Kershaw’s candy-colored tresses. Although the pastel hair trend has died, this chick defies the transience of trends.She debuted her pink and aqua look at the 2015 Amfar

Color Me Summer

We list five hues that have swept over the season's hottest heads of hair.
When we were younger, a change in summer hair color meant squeezing out lemon juice into our locks and laying out in the sun to produce highlights. Luckily, growing up has afforded us numerous options when it comes to how to change

Diy Ombre Dyed Hair

Shai Lagarde shares how she achieved her ombre hairstyle with some over-the-counter products and basic coloring skills.
Ombre hair: to try or not to try? With salon services often costing us an arm and a leg, we decided to ask blogger Shai Lagarde of to walk us through how she created her home dyed ombre locks:Shai Lagarde,