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How the Philippines' Olympic Roster Is Shattering Gender Stereotypes in Sports

It could cancel the 'kababae mong tao' thinking that has permeated our culture and more, says a gender studies professor.
In a particularly patriarchal society, we've long been conditioned into boxing things into gender roles—this is for men, this is for women. Anyone who doesn't conform to these standards is seen as outlandish.It's a way of thinking that's long seeped into sports.For

All the Stylish Moments From the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony

See the boldest looks from the parade of nations!
The 32nd Olympics finally kicked off yesterday, July 23! Given the unfathomable preparation that goes behind each Olympics run, it was poignant to see it come into fruition once and for all, after the pandemic crushingly forced its postponement last year. True, this year's

Here’s How to Start Your Day Like an Olympian

Beat mornings like a champ.
For the average Jane, morning routines are most likely composed of pressing the snooze button three times and dragging yourself into the shower. For breakfast, well, the fastest possible thing you can put together is usually a cup of coffee. And then

4 Stylish Olympic Athletes to Follow on Instagram

They're our new style inspo!
The Rio Olympics just started and, of course, we’re thrilled and excited to see who’ll bring home the gold. But for now, our eyes are set on these superhumans who, apart from being athletes, are also trendsetters. Check them out below!Christen PressSport:

Gisele Bundchen Steals the Show at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony

The supermodel wore a sparkling silver gown.
It wasn't just the sports fans who got excited about the 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony, because stunners like Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen and the oil-slicked man from Tonga stole everyone's attention and made everything a hundred times better.Gisele opened the show by

Hermès is the Official Saddler of the Brazilian Show Jumping Team

The Olympics just upped the luxe factor.
We’ve seen major fashion moments during the Olympic Games in the past. (Remember team USA in Tommy Hilfiger?) But this year the Brazilian show jumping team takes the luxe factor up a notch.Hermès revisits its saddle and harness making roots as the