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Here's How Beauty Oils Can Help Brighten Your Bikini Area

Even out discoloration with these natural picks!
Your bikini area is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Because it's prone to chafing, the skin around this area produces an excess amount of melanin—this causes it to appear darker than the rest of your body. If you're looking to brighten

The Beginner's Guide to Using Face Oil Correctly

Maximize its benefits.
We often skip using a facial oil because we think its texture is too heavy or sticky on our skin. What we don't know is that we're missing out on its benefits because of this misconception. Unlike what most assume, a facial

Philippine Ylang-Ylang Oil Could Be A Global Skincare Trend This 2020

And by that we mean all over the world.
We've got important news, and it's going to make your Filipino heart super proud. Pinterest reports that searches for ylang-ylang oil—yes, oil derived from the plant that's literally everywhere in the Philippines—shoot up by 91 percent.Ylang-ylang oil is famous for its soothing

5 Natural Face Oils That Will Help Fade Your Acne Scars

Check out these natural remedies for those pesky marks.
For people who are acne-prone, oils have a bad reputation for making breakouts worse. But to set the record straight, adding one to your beauty routine can actually have great benefits. For one, face oils are amazing alternatives for treating acne scars,

5 All-Around Beauty Oils for Your Every Skin Concern

Or should we say, oil-around?
When it comes to moisturizing, we Filipinas are most familiar with creams and gels rather than oils (most likely because of our fear of either melting or, god forbid, frying). However, the lovely thing about oils, compared to most gels or creams,

This Is the Safest Way to Use Your Essential Oils

To more relaxing after-work rituals.
Essential oils have been a thing for quite some time, but while a lot of fans are in on the calming benefits of using them, not everyone takes into consideration the right and safe way to use them. As much as these

11 Essential Oils for Your Everyday Needs

These will always come in handy.
Essential oils are the talk of the town right now for natural remedies. They're said to have multiple health benefits that range from mental to physical, which they achieve without the need of chemicals."When used correctly, they exert very powerful results and

A Beginner's Guide to Using Essential Oils

Find the best method for you!
Natural remedies are making their way back into the mainstream through essential oils, and if you're a fan of amazing scents and approaching health the old fashioned way, then it might be for you.Basically, essential oils are volatile liquids that are extracted

This Is the Natural Healing Remedy You Need to Know About

Welcome to essential oils 101.
Beauty oils will never go out of style in the beauty world. They're natural, healthy, and most of all, they work wonders for our skin—what more can one ask for? But here's an open secret: Oils can do more than give you

How to Get Shiny Hair Without Getting a Treatment

Shampoo commercial-worthy locks this way!
In achieving shiny hair, hydration is of utmost importance. It's not just up to your shampoo and conditioner to do this job, though, since our locks can get dehyrated midday or in between washes as well. Hence, when you find yourself dealing

5 Oils That Improve Your Skin Without Making You Greasy

And we're not talking about plain coconut oil.
Oils are probably the best thing that you can add to your skin care. And we’re not talking about plain and boring coconut and argan oil. There’s so much more where those came from, and there are actually oils that help improve

The Best Beauty Oils for Every Skin Concern

Say bye to acne!
The previous year was a good one beauty oils as they continue to be one of the more sought after skincare products on the market today. Argan, tea tree, rose…the list of the slick substance we want to massage our skin with