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5 Chic Ways to Wear Black Skinny Jeans to Work

An easy alternative to trousers!
Out of all the jeans in your closet, your black skinny jeans are, perhaps, the easiest kind to sneak into the workplace. With its dark hue and snug fit, this type of jeans has a sleeker and dressier appearance compared to light wash denim. If you pair it with the right

Here Are Chic Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress to the Office

Mix and match the dress with clothes you already own!
Office attire is hinged on two things: (1) comfort, and (2) ease to put together. While shirt dresses tick both of these requirements, most feel that there's only one way to wear them. Well, it's time to debunk this myth! As shown

LOTD: How to Wear Your Bralette to Work, According to Sam Richelle

So chic and office-appropriate, too!
At work, we're often restricted to wearing certain things—and with good reason. Because of course, you wouldn't want your officemates or clients to be distracted by your provocative choice of clothes, would you? But clever fashion girls can always find a way

How to Stand Out in Your Office Uniform

Why blend in when you can outshine them all?
As a city girl strips away her toga and struts in style to the so-called real world, it is inevitable for her to encounter some semblance of uniformity in the work place–whether in the form of an office-issued uniform or an actual