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Non-Boring Ways to Wear Pencil Skirts to the Office

We’ve got you covered.
Just because you’re off to the daily grind, doesn’t mean you should go autopilot on your outfits as well. Depending on your company dress code, there are numerous ways to add fashion girl sensibilities to your work wardrobe. Not sure where to

5 Trendy Pieces You Can Wear to the Office Now

Rule the office with these stylish pieces from Balenciaga!
Balenciaga has moved on from ruling the streets to earning style cred in the office. The brand, headed by Demna Gvasalia, recently teamed up with luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter to release a capsule collection. The exclusive line features Balenciaga's most iconic pieces including

This is Why You Keep Twinning With Your Workmate

Here's the lowdown on office twinning.
Working for a fashion magazine may mean seeing less corporate blue shirts and pencil skirts worn as uniforms in the office, but this doesn't mean we don't find ourselves wearing the same (if not similar) items to work. Truth is, accidental twinning

5 Ways to Make Your Office Outfit Party-Ready

They're super easy to follow!
We know your dilemma. You're stuck in the office, with a desk job that entails you to be in a suit from nine to five, every single day of the week. And when friends suddenly hit you up for an after-work dinner,

These Stylish Ladies Are This Week's Work Wear Inspo

Office outfits are soooo not boring.
We've declared this time and time again: workwear is not boring. Think of it as a way to get really creative! After all, nothing challenges the true-blue fashion girl more than dress code restrictions. We spent a day with some of the chic

9 Ways to Wear Flats to the Office and Still Look Stylish

Say yes to maximum comfort!
There's an unwritten rule that heels must be worn in order to conquer the workplace. Well, you can now ditch that so-called rule. Simply take cues from these sophisticated outfit ideas, and dare to wear comfy flats to work.1. Play with bold

Interview Wardrobe Ideas That Work

Power dress your age and get that job.
The sweltering heat may scorch anyone’s drive to dress to the nines, let alone get out of the house – but it is no excuse for a young achiever to bring her A game and get that job. Besides, whoever advised that

10 Upgraded Workwear Basics You Need In Your Closet

Dress to climb the corporate ladder with these basics you ought to invest on.
If you’re part of the population who braves the daily 9 to 5 grind, we’re pretty sure you’ve askd yourself “what do I wear to work today?” Sometimes, even more than you actually realize. Seeing that we spend a huge chunk of

Work Wear Diaries: Nikki Tang

This businesswoman shows that being busy is not an excuse to looking drab.
That feeling of being challenged to accomplish a task entrusted by her mother was what started it all for businesswoman, Nikki Tang. It sounds like one of those nerve-racking initiations when joining a collegiate organization except that this would be the “mission”

Work Wear Diaries: Andrea Amado

Between running a bakery to overseeing a makeup brand, this soft-spoken businesswoman lets her personal style speak volumes.
If you’ve ever been to an Etude House and/or a Tous les Jours store, which both fall under one company, it’s easy to get a sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice feeling. Although the former is a beauty hub while the latter is a bakery, both shops